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Ideas On Diet Used


Hey all - I poking around in a magazine this morning and came across this ad for a nutrex supplement. The guy I am referring is Keith Ozment. In 12 weeks he went from 240lbs to 180lbs. Clearly there was some serious strict dieting and training going on to achieve this. I am aware that the supplement mentioned honestly played a small role in his achievement. My question to all of you diet gurus is...do you think this was through conventional dieting (read-low fat/minimal carbs) or some type of macronutrient partitioning/elimination (TKD/CKD/etc)?

Im really interested in knowing - simply because I am almost an exact duplicate of his before pic. And clearly, I would like to achieve similar results in a similar time frame (heck, who wouldnt?!).

Any and all ideas are welcome!!


Haven't seen this particular ad, but one common method used to be to take a guy in great shape and write him a big check to eat donuts all day and get fat. Then, reverse the pics for the ad.


I'd be very careful about the before/after pics. I think that if your looking to achieve the ideal physique( in your opinion) the key is to make good nutritional choices. Read some of the articles by Drs Berardi and Lowery.

With that being said in your above post the thing that sent off the red flag for me is the idea of a "Low fat" diet. Its a pretty established that you dietary fats help maintain hormone levels.


ugh...that was what I was afraid of. To be honest - Im looking to get to that point (the fit version) by the time I turn 30 in June.


Here's a link to a summary article we put together of several T-Nation diet plans. You'll find everything here from simple to extreme:



Thats what i always figured they did. :smiley: guess its true