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Ideas for workout following ACL surgery

This is my first post and I’m in need of some serious help.

Obviosuly I’m facing a lot of down-time following ACL and meniscus surgery. I’m at the point where I can get around the gym with a little weight on my bad leg.

I need ideas for maintaing size or maybe even a little trimming. I’m probably looking at a machine routine, but I also have the help of the personal trainers.

Does anyone have any workouts they used following surgery on their legs or links to where I can get some info? I rarely, if ever, use machines when I work out. Thanks for the help and I hope this is in the right forum.

If you can give me some info as to when your surgery was, and what all was repaired, and the way it was repaired (i.e. what kind of graft) I can give you some of the protocols we use at our clinic on an accelerated ACL rehab program

I had the patellar tendon surgery. But, I go to Duke PT for my rehab.

What I’m really looking for is an upper body workout while I’m rehabbing my knee. Because I’m not familiar with machines and what they may be able to offer me, I don’t know how to get an effective workout from them for my upper body only.

when was the surgery?

In faith,

Coach Davies

any reason you have to use machines?

i’ve blown out the same leg twice(acl tear w/lat. and med. meniscus repair both times), one w/patella graft and the second with cadaver graft.

Pre and post op i did everything i could while i was sitting or laying, you can still do it trust me.

I don’t see why u couldn’t use free weights during this time. I did, I just trained hard and although i didn’t grow too much in those times i got much stronger and leaner.

u can do it.

I guess I’ll just make the trainers work for their money. The biggest concerns I was going to have were declines and regular bench presses since the one leg is in the lock-brace. I guess it’ll just hang there.

I had the surgery 2 weeks ago and making fabulous progress. I think I’m starting to get the idea that NO machine workouts are worth anything and I should just adapt to whatever free weights I can.

Sorry to hear it man. Having a good workout partner makes all the difference for me. Someone who can pick you up when you can’t drive, set the bar up, and get ice for your cooler. But, as mentioned above, you will be able to do almost all of the free weight upper body lifts in any program short of olympic only. Your balance will be a bit off but you can still floor press, plate raise ect… Minus the multi joint movements, might be time to try some of that Body Building shit. Now, where to get info on that? Good luck and post your progress.

I had the same surgery back in April. I was back lifting after one month. The biggest problem as you already know was lugging around plates and DB’s. If you have a partner or someone in the gym to help out, that would be best.

i tore my left lcl and mcl and was in the gym the day after they drained it awaiting to be operated on using free weights for all my upper body exercises. you may limp around a little bit but what doesnt kill you will only make you stronger.