Ideas for Treadmill Conditioning

So here in Canada it is the dead of winter. Tomorrow we are expecting -20 degrees Celsius as a high with 15cm of snow. I dont fancy myself Rocky Balboa but for those that do. I’m sure my cold winter brothers and sisters from Wyoming, North Dakota and Minnesota can tell you;
running outside, by yourself, up a mountain, with no one in screaming distance is extremely stupid. If you slip on ice and hurt yourself seriously you are more than likely dead. So I’m looking for some grizzly conditioning drills on a treadmill. I do like hill sprints cuz I find them easier on the knees but I’m open to suggestions from an athletic standpoint. Thank you.

2 mins on treadmill, keep HR between 130-150

Jump off and do 20 KB swings

Back on the treadmill for 2 mins

Jump off and do 20 push ups

Back on the treadmill

Rinse and repeat for 20-30 minutes

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I just run, Try to get 10 miles a week or another goal for yourself. If you look in the back of 5/3/1/ forever he has “Running with the devil” I do that template and a few 2-3 mile longer runs a week.

Try to get your mile time down. Then run half/quarter miles at the pace of the future mile time you want. For 2-3 miles total with ab work between the short runs.