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Ideas for this Workout?!


Warm up with 3 sets at about 75% Power Shrugs
Tbar rows 3x8
Bull grip chin ups 3xfailure
Lat Pulldowns 3x6-8
Bent over raises 3x8-12
Jesus Curls 3x8-12

Squats 3x6-8
Lunges 3x15
Leg extension 3x8-12
the machine opposite of leg extension, forgot the nameLOL 3x8-12
Box Jumps 3x12
Calf Raises 3xfailure

Rest wed

DB bench press 3x8
(Should i add in here bench press with kettlebells attached instead of normal weights?)
Flys 3x10-12
Close Grip BB bench 3x10-12
Tricep Pressdown3x10-12

Push Press 3x6-8
Push Ups with feet on bench at 75% 3x12
Dead lifts 3x4-6
Side Lateral Raises 3x10-12
Dumbbell Swings 3x12-15
Preacher Curls 3x6-8


what are jesus curls?


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSuporaa_SA These are AKA jesus curls. Anyone?! Hows the workout? I also want to add in romanian deadlifts somewhere?!


IMO this is how i would change it...

i would do Pendlay rows and DB rows instead of one of your vertical-pull exercise and T-bars (once you get pretty high in weight youll be crushing your chest/lungs and itll probably be pretty hard to breathe/uncomfortable)

box jumps FIRST - as an activation exercise - sets of 5 maybe until you feel good
opposite of leg ext = leg curl i think you mean...
do squats last and put everything into them - if you do go all out squatting first chances are you wont be able to do your other exercises justice (at least in my case)

looks fine but i would add in BB incline either before or after DB bench

do DL's second to last and swings very last

*you only have 2 bi and tri exercises... your arms prob wont grow very well like that. you could add in an extra day as an arm day maybe add in some other stuff for weak lifts/body parts


Thanks for the ideas. The only thing I have to say is I want to add a fifth day as it is but my arms tend not to grow as much when I do bis and tris the same day, so how could I add a fifth day without doing straight tris and bis? Unless I added a BI day and a TRI day lol. Both with other miscellaneous things. I also wanted to add in external rotations and scaption, any idea as to where?


dont put tris with chest. you wont be able to maximise your weights on the tricep exercises cause theyll be worked enough already from the chest presses. i would do the needsize 5x5 program. which is the main lift than 2 accessory exercises. look it up. ive had great gains in strength and size. i would do this:







the opposite of leg extensions are leg curls
it all depends on your goals tbh
but for your chest and tricep day(thursday) you should replace cg bench for a french press or db extension or pjr pullovers to hit the long head of your tricep since you already shoul have 2 pressing movements for chest
put deadlifts on your back day(monday) and but bent over raises on your shoulder day(saturday)
and i dont see the point in having one bicep exercise on 2 days so you could put both on your back day(monday) and put your power shrugs on your shoulder day(saturday)
should hit your traps hard enough on back day if you place your deadlifts there
last put not least you should consider putting another back thickness move on monday like db rows or hs rows
hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yeah I meant leg curls I just couldnt think of the name because I never do it. But I'll switch up the workout a little bit and see how it looks. Then I"ll post it again and see what you guys think.


And roger thanks for the suggestions but I had just done a 5x5 program before my last workout so maybe in the future.



Warm up with 3 sets at about 75% Power Shrugs 

Tbar rows 3x8 

Pendlay Rows 3x6-8
DB Rows 3x10-12
Bull grip chin ups 3xfailure
Bent over raises 3x8-12 

Jesus Curls 3x8-12 


Box Jumps 3x6

Lunges 3x15 

Leg extension 3x8-12 

Leg Curls 3x8-12
Calf Raises 3xfailure 

Squats 3x6-8

Rest wed 


DB bench press 3x8 

BB Incline 3x6-8

Flys 3x10-12 

Close Grip BB bench 3x10-12 

Tricep Pressdown 3x10-12 


Push Press 3x6-8 

Bench Press with kettlebells 3x12 @ 75% 

Side Lateral Raises 3x10-12 

Preacher Curls 3x6-8
Dead lifts 3x4-6
Dumbbell swings 3x12-15

Okay here's some changes. Still a few things! Add in Flat Barbell bench press or substitute anywhere? Arm exercises without an extra day? My arms seem like they dont grow when triceps and biceps are on the same day... Ideas? Last thing, External rotations and scaption?


I like the King Beef 4 day program

Monday- Legs

Lying leg curls - 4x 6-8 (2)
RDL's - 4x 8-10 (1) you could do deadlifts here if you want but if you have very favorable leverages for them (long arms/femurs, short torso) you will most likely get better ham development from rdl's. You'd also do front squats instead of back squats
Leg press - 4x8-10 (I like doing these before squats to help loosen up the hips) (2)
Squats or Front squats - 3x 8-10 (1)
Hack Squats (close stance) - 3x 8-10 (2)

Tuesday - Chest/Tris/Calves (can superset tri's calves to cut down workout time)

Incline Dumbbell Press - 4x 6-10 (2)
Flat Barbell Press - 3x 6-10 (1)
Dips (lean forward) - 3x 6-10 (2)
Lying Behind the head extensions - 4x 8-10 (2)
French Presses - 3x 8-10 (2)
Standing calf raises - 5x 8-10 (3) (1-2 mins rest for calves)

Thursday- Back/Bis/Abs (Can superset bis/abs to cut down workout time)

Barbell Rows - (torso at 45ish degree angle) 4x 8-10 (2)
Close neutral grip pulldowns - 3x 8-10 (2) (really like 3 sec negatives on these)
Seated close neutral grip rows - 3x 8-10 (2)
Pinwheel Curls - 4x 6-10 (2)
Alternating Dumbbell curls - 3x 8-10 (2)
Cable rope crunches - 3x 12-15 (2) (1-2 mins rest for abs)
Weighted Leg Raises - 3x 12-15 (2)

Saturday - Shoulders/Calves (can superset traps/calves to cut down workout time)

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press - 4x 6-10 (2)
Cable lateral raises - 3x 8-12 (2)
Seated Dumbbell lateral raises - 3x 8-12 (2)
Incline Bench Rear delt raises - 3x 12-15 (2)
Shrugs - 4x 8-10 (2)
Seated calf raises - 5x 8-10 (3)


x2 i like that set up aside from i would swap a couple movements here and there


Maybe I'll look at the king beef workout and then switch some things out with my workout! I'll let you guys know.


Its not a 5x5 program. Well it is, but its only one of these 5x5,3x5,5x3 for the main exercise, then youve got 2 assistance exercises with the same muscle for 2-3x8-10. its a really good program, you should look into it. type it in google. so you can do 3x5 then 2 assistance exercises, its honestly one of the best bulking programs.

the stronger you get with the main exercise, the bigger you will get, if your eating enough. also, you dont wanna do 5-6 exercises on a session cause theres no point, if you do a good 3 exercises and finish between 30-45 thats exactly what u need, considering testosterone levels only last an hour or abit longer


pretty much all the switches i suggested would lead to a training split similar to the kingbeef workout
may i ask why on saturday your working back shoulders biceps chest? is it a full upper body day?
if you prefer to do tris and bis on seperate days then do like 2/3 exercises for tris after chest and 2 exercises of biceps after back
also your diet may be the reason why your arms aint growing..you getting in enough clean calories and enough protein?


No, lol, I know my diet is shit right now but I have a lot of summer classes right now so I dont have a lot of time to be eating...But as far as the workout I'll make some more changes. Anyway to make the workout I posted in to a 5 day workout?


King Beef also has a 5 day work out.


if your goal is to get bigger your gonna have to get enough food in you and if you aint gaining weight then you aint eating enough(doent mean binge on chocolates etc lol). if you really want this youre gonna have to eat. you need food to recover and if you plan on doing a 5 day split with intense workouts youre gonna need to feed your muscles even more.
even if you cant eat solid meals isnt there away you could get some protein shakes in you to replace proper meals?


Think you could throw me the link to the king beef 5day? Also I know I know I definitely will start eating more, I have dieted in the past so I know how many calories I need. Its just summer college classes are like 4-5 hours each class and I havr 3 a day so I have almost no free time. And I cant afford protein shakes haha unless I make my own somehow?


the 5 day program is in the first post and the 4 day program a couple posts after that
fair enough mate thats understandable, you could just make a protein shake with milk and blend in whole eggs and some oats/bananas for carbs. take them to class and sip them when the teacher isnt looking lol