Ideas For The Magazine

The forum members can pelt me with eggs and bits of old food if these ideas have already been mentioned, (or worse, already had articles written for the mag) but one of my favorite articles has been the Diet Manifesto. It was a great rundown of the various diets printed on the site, and it provided a helpful compilation of reader feedback and real world results that various people have achieved. I was thinking that a Workout Manifesto would also make for a great article. With the volume of different routines and ideas that have been presented here, this article could run over a few weeks - and could perhaps be broken down into sections such as muscle gain, strength gain, and weight loss routines.

Second, there seems to be a bit of interest in regards to Dr Mercola's ideas on health. Maybe an interview or something similar could be arranged? As I and others here have experienced first hand, if you don't have your health, you don't have jack shit - and from my time on the boards, health is one of the most negelected components in bodybuilding it seems.

Again sorry if these are already articles in play, or if these ideas have been pitched forward already. Thanks for the Audio Interview this week as well Chris - it was awesome!

Good suggestions all around. Yes, we’ve thought of them all before, but I still appreciate the tips.

What’s kept me from writing a Workout Manifesto is that it would have to be a 10 parter. Plus it’s tougher to judge the effectiveness of a workout than it is a diet. There are just too many variables involved. And I can’t really think of a workout “failure” (not like I can think of a diet failure- i.e. The Warrior Diet - which I don’t really count because it wasn’t a diet written by a staffer and presented as good, rather it was an interview with a guy who had some interesting ideas.)

I mean, sure, some may not do well on certain training programs but then what were they expecting? 20 pounds? 10 pounds? And training age plays a huge role. A beginner can touch a weight and grow, so any program would be great for him. And if I asked, “What’s a great training program?” many would base their answers on how sore the program got them, and soreness is not always a sign of effectiveness. And what were their diets like? If someone says, “That program didn’t work for me” my first question is. “What were you eating?” So, as you can see, doing a summary of each workout might work, but judging the effectiveness the way I did with the diets would be tough. TC wrote a couple of articles that are sorta like this though - The Testosterone Training Codex was one.

Mercola would make a good interview, although I’m not sure I agree with everything he has to say. That’s okay of course, but sometimes we interview a person and then readers say, “T-mag said that…” No, the guy we interviewed said that, we may not agree. So I’m cautious about who I interview, though I don’t mind interviewing someone I disagree with. Still, I’ll consider Mercola, if he’s interested. I have a few more lined up first though.

Chris, pass on to TC that the weekly update is very good. I really liked the audio updates-very informative. You guys are a good balance of fun, humor and yet cutting-edge information.

Don’t know if you already knew this, but TC did a workout rundown a couple years ago. A bunch of routines have been added in the meantime, but it gives a great overview of what workouts they covered at the time.