Ideas for shipping Biotest to Europe (I need a middleman in the U.S.)

Since Biotest is not shipping to Europe, I am looking for alternative ways to get the products delivered. You can buy the stuff in Europe, but the prices are ridiculously high - especially with the “Buy 2, get 1 free” promotion.

Ideally, I would pay for the stuff online, have it shipped to someone in the U.S. who would then ship it to Europe, and obviously be paid a commission (i.e. money, biotest products etc.) for the trouble.

Right now I’m looking for ideas. How do I get a contact willing to do this and how do I minimize the risk of him/her keeping the stuff? Any other ways of getting a shipment?

All input appreciated.


sounds like once you had it shipped to US address, then to Europe… that it may cost the same.

why don’t you get together a bunch of your mates and split on shipping costs.

there are many websites on the net that will ship to Europe.


Netrition ships to NZ apparently, it seems as if they would ship to Europe?

Phoz, check your PM.

The guys at deal in Europe

The shipping costs to Europe would definitely still be worth it. Let me give you an example:

3 packs of “Plan For Success”.

Biotest US = 2 x 149.95 = $299.99 USD.
Biotest UK = 3 x 129.99 x 1.8307 = $713.92 USD.

There’s plenty of places that ship to Europe, that’s not the problem - the huge price difference is.

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I feel your pain man!!:wink:
I’m from italy and here stuff like mag10 and red kat are illegal… so, not just a money issue, but I have also to deal with customs:-(
Anyway, they won’t stop me from trying this stuff… I’m trying to figure out something:-)
good luck,