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Ideas for Reseach Paper?


Thanks for tunin' in, fellas.

For my nutrition course, I am required to write a paper about a public health issue (recognized/potential) that requires further research to adequately address. The idea of the paper is to a) name an issue, b) detail what research has been done to this point, and c) address ways of directing future research or interventions (this is really the meat of the paper).

The only stipulation is that it has to be about a particular vitamin or mineral; e.g., some dude in the class is doing Vitamin D levels and asthma in inner-city youths. It can certainly be exercise-related, but should remain applicable to a broad audience. So, competitive bodybuilders and 'X' might not fly, but athletes/weight lifters and 'X' should be good to go.

It should also be an area of health concern, so rather than 'would athletes get a bigger bench from supplementing VitaMineral XYZ', it should go more like 'are athletes at a greater risk of a VitaMineral XYZ-deficiency related health issue'.

As this forum seems to have a collectively higher IQ than most of the others and is full of very intelligent guys and health nuts, I was wondering what y'all would have in mind for this. I've always been terrible about thinking up decent ideas for myself.


Could it be on something like Omega 3's?


I like the idea of grass-fed organic diet vs identical regular diet on effect of health markers and inflammation. In the mountain dog diet thread I hypothesize that the difference is negligible for longevity and health, while Modok says otherwise. I haven't really had time to dig to see if there's any research out there though. Modok has provided some general reading material that may have good references though.


The ratio of Potassium to Sodium and how it has changed over the years.

years ago, lots of potassium (venison, fresh veg, etc) low sodium. Now, High Sodium (refinement of everything) low potassium (regular meat in bulk).

Just a thought.


Unfortunately, the class is specific to vitamin and mineral biochemistry and not so much about broad nutrition.

This is something I was definitely planning on looking into for my own edification and was actually considering something along these lines; however, it would have to be specific to vitamins or minerals, and not so much the discrepancies in fatty acid profiles or protein quality.

Even so, it would certainly let me kill two birds with one stone, which is a bonus.

You, good sir, have piqued my interest with this. I'm gonna do some reading on this to see what there is to go on.

Thanks, guys. I definitely appreciate your help.


nutrient deficiencies in common foods ssuch as selenium, magnesium, zinc, chromium etc and how they contribute to certain ailments (hypothyroidism)