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Ideas for New Tattoo


Im having trouble of what to get for my next tat. I mean I know what I want but I dont know what I want it to say. Im getting my tattoo in baybayin spelling. For you that dont know what that is, its old filipino language. I am flip.

My ideas were to get something from the bible, a verse. I thought of "Only God Can Judge Me." But thats to original. Can some of you help out? Thanks


There have been a few tat threads... On most of them, the main idea was to get a tatoo that meant something to YOU.

I understand you're only lookin for ideas, but I think you'd be much happier with something YOU chose... not something you got from T-Nation.

Speaking of which: get the T-Nation T.


How about a vagina with a skeleton coming out of it on your forearm? This guy I play hockey with has this, its a coverup of his ex-gf's name. That shit is funny.


You could get my name tattooed on you, it means the same thing (daniel).


tattoo right above your ass, "Exit only"


"Parking in rear" ?


I was going to get my initials "A" and "L" on my penis, then when I get excited it would read my full name, but I only had room for "Ala".

Okay, on a serious note, maybe you could write a list of everything that interests you, then rate each one compared to each other and find something that makes you think of that one thing.

Or if you have any children, find something that defines them and get that with his/her name.


nothing to do with the thread just wanted to post it lol


Met a guy with a large tattoo of a rooster with a noose aroung it's neck tattooed on his outer calf. I asked him what's up with the noose around his neck, and his reply was:

"I always wanted a cock that hung below my knees"


How about: " I risked hep2 to look cool for people I don't know."


How about "Look at me."

Isn't that why most people get tattoos?


"Your Name" on your ass. (Yeah, I know it's been done, but it was funny as hell.) You could tell people "I have your name tattoed on my ass".


I personally have 12 tattoos, and as some have said in the thread, they all mean something very special TO ME...

I don't really care what other people think about them, because I only got them for me.

Unless you are independently wealthy, I would recommend NOT getting a tattoo that shows, i.e. on the forearm, neck, calf...It's hard to get a job with a skull and crossbones on the palm of your hand...


You really don't want a tattoo that you have to explain. It'll be funny like the first three times, then you'll wish it didn't exist.


What if people were looking before the tattoos?


Then get a tattoo that says "Stop fucking looking at me", "Keep looking, unless you're ugly" or even "I can't decide if I want you looking at me so it's really just up to you" for all you wishy-washy pussyfooters out there.


Then you can turn it into some kind of crazy scavenger hunt.


If you're going to be uptight and generally annoying, at least know the correct name of the disease. I've heard of A, B, and C, but never 2. Maybe it affects the brain.


Get "Where's Waldo?" and then invite hot babes to look...


Sloths happen to be mentioned in the bible, and they're kinda cute....

\|/ 3Toes