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Ideas for Making Whey Taste Less Nasty?


I bought a 10lb bag of whey isolate. I stupidly got the unflavored kind because it had better nutrition facts. I went to make a shake with the stuff and it smelled so awful I couldn't get the shit down. I kept wanting to vomit every time I put it near my face. I'm not sure whether this is because I used too much powder in too little water (I used about two cups of isolate in about 500 ml of water) or whether it just tastes nasty. If its the former, please tell me. If the latter, any tricks for making the stuff taste better would be appreciated. Thanks


add crystal light to it.


put it in a blender, mix in bananas, peanut butter and cocoa powder, ice and milk


Damn Americunts... How much is a fucking "cup" of protein powder??

The rule o' thumb for an enjoyable shake is:

10g Protein per 100ml of water.

Water freezes at 0° Celsius and boils at 100° Celsius.

A Mercedes Sprinter 315 uses 8 liters of gas on 100 Kilometers of Autobahn.

I prepared 350 grams of turkey for dinner. Heated the oven at 150° Celsius.

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WTF? Are you a cow? Why are you having whey protein? There is protein for humans...


I miss-wrote; more like 1.25 cups. 1 cup is approximately 250 ccs (cup is a volume measurement, not mass). Just reading the units from the bag.

1 cup in this instance is equal to 84 grams. So I put in whey (I'm going to hate myself for making this pun) too much whey.


While this thread is basically ridiculous enough not to merit comment, I just thought that I'd point out that with puns, you're supposed to preserve the original spelling of words.


Admit it, this is the real reason you switched systems.

Anyho, the OP did post in metric (check out that 500ml water!) By "cup" I think he meant the scoop for the protein powder.

OP-unflavored protein powder does suck but it would seem you're familiar with the internet and how to perform recipe searches. Just saying.


I am wondering about how much better the nutritional info must've been to order it unflavored.


I actually wonder how shitty the company is to not offer a calorie free or low calorie sweetener...

OP I suggest you buy a lot of Stevia and add it to your powder with cocoa powder. I add cocoa powder to my bulk protein simply for the antioxidants, but it adds to the flavor as well


I remember stating my length in cm when asked in High School. Because of the excellent algebra skills of my team mates (bro, I think it's like 1 inch= 2cm)I got the nice reputation of sporting an 8.5-incher.


Lol. That's actually hilarious.


Unless it's just for the low price I wouldn't switch to an unflavored whey because of its ingredients. If I thought I was too fat (shut up) then I wouldn't blame my whey at all...there'd be many more culprits.


I only buy unflavored whey because of the price, and I always mix it with crystal light. I think its better because a) it's like 40% cheaper and b) you aren't stuck with 5 or 10 pounds of chocolate, you can switch it up daily if you feel like it.

And Crystal Light is cheap as shit.


Just use it, before and during, and mix it with some sort of juice, its actually tastes decent with apple and blackcurrant, or guava juice.

Then buy a flavoured one to have other times when u dont want the carbs.


If you absolutely can't stand eating something, then the nutritional profile is pretty irrelevant.