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Ideas for Lunch Time


I am looking for some lunch ideas. I am on the road just about all day. I have very little time to actually sit down and eat. Whatever I decide to eat will be while I'm driving usually. Does anyone have some suggestions of good foods. I get sick of the same thing and end up eating something terrible from fast food usually.


Got a microwave?

I nuke some green veges and open a can of tuna almost everyday!

Or its green veges and chicken/steak.

Either way its veges+protein

No microwave? Cold Veges.


you nuke a can of tuna? doesn't your microwave explode?


Come on, mate, I only heat the veges not the tuna. You total wanker.


I only have 25 minutes to sit and eat lunch every day. Frozen vegetables, meat of my choice, and microwave with hot sauce on it afterwards. Works every time.


AAHAHAH, ease up.


HAHAHAH hilarious. I honestly thought that you nuked the tuna out of the can myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have a cooler to take along with you? Pack a salad, eggs, cheese. Costco sells bulk pistachios, individual size cashews, peanuts, and almonds.


Don't forget the beef jerky. You can also make your own protein bars. Broccoli can be eaten raw and doesn't need to be kept cold. Get yourself a container that you can put some protein powder into and you can then mix up your own shake. Those packets of tuna are good since you don't need to have a can opener (but they do cost more).


beef jerky is like $6.50 for an 80g bag here, thats like one serving


Beef jerky is a rip off everywhere. I've never done the math, but I bet I can get tenderloin fillets cheaper per/pound than Jack freakin' Links.

You could always make an extra portion with dinner the night before and stick that in a tupperware container for lunch the next day.