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Ideas for high quality meals while at a job site

I will soon be changing from an office job to outside work and was wondering if anyone has any good ideas for high quality meals to eat while at a job site. Keep in mind that I’ll have access to a cooler but won’t be able to heat up any meals…like I do now. Thanks in advance for any possible help.

I like the ready-to-eat smoked salmon products for the protein. Some brands are better than others, but I found some at Whole Foods that seem to be pretty good. They are packed in clear plastic and mounted on cards. I take one to work, cut it open and eat it about 3:30 in the afternoon. It can be somewhat expensive though, at $3-4 a piece.

“It can be somewhat expensive though, at $3-4 a piece.”

Small price to pay for such nutrition in contrast to $3.95+ for a Super Sized Combo load of crap from a fast food joint. I usually take a couple cans of tuna to work but that Salmon thing is a good idea, thanks Yorik.

pre made sushi!!!

Almonds or some other kind of nut. It’s highly portable, delicious and filling. =)

Lots of greens, cottage cheese, sliced turkey, hard boiled eggs, canned sardines, macadamia nuts (nuts in general), maybe some fruits (fresh and dried), rye/potato/whole grain/protein breads (keep it to one or two slices), beef jerkey (preferably home made and/or not containing MSG).

Vanilla protein powder, cottage cheese, and raw oatmeal. I eat this stuff 2-4 times a day when trying to gain and I still can’t get enough of it.