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Ideas for Getting Rid of Waist

I want to go into a cutting phase and want to get rid of my excess belly / waist fat while I’m at it. What would you guys recommend to do?

I’ve got the BCAA amino acids from here and found that they’re great for maintain muscle while lowering your caloric intake. Right now I’m at about 207 lbs. I do about 750lb leg presses.

Don’t exactly know where to start. A bit of advice anybody? :slight_smile:

Start in the beginners section

Theres plenty of articles on cutting on here.

Thibs’ cut is appealing to me at the moment. Looks like hard work mind!


Read up on carb cycling or the AD


Here’s the AD, also referred to as the anabolic diet.


Also, you might want to consider eating less than your activity level requires. This often results in losing fat.

I’ve found that fasted morning cardio works wonders.

remember the key is consistency

If it’s something you are trying to do quickly, I would suggest the V-Diet. Go check out Gus’ Physique Clinic.

If you wanna get hardcore about it try the Velocity Diet.

[quote]dmitry wrote:

I’m at about 207 lbs. I do about 750lb leg presses.


Not trying to be the dick but this “750” leg press is a relative #. no two leg press mech. are the same, what is your squat? That is the # you need to be posting.

As Far as cutting. How long have you been lifting? Do you really think you have enough mussel mass to cut?

lol “mussel”…sorry side thing i noticed

to lose weight…eat right first! otherwise anything you do will be a waste of time’

having said that…you could try circuit training or interval running to help speed up the fat loss