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Ideas for Food at Leeds Music Festival?

So on weds 26th August i’m going to leeds fest until mon 31st. I’ll be camping there so obviously there’s no fridges, freezers etc to store food and my best option for cooking food is likely to be a stove for boiling water and maybe a few disposable bbq’s here and there. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on burger van food so i’m gonna try cook my own food the majority of the time. So my question…

what do you think are the best food choices for my situation?

I’m definitely gonna take some protein powder, nuts and dried fruit. Probably some burgers and sausages for bbq’s. And in all likeliness i’ll probably end up eating several pot noodles.

Eat lots of X, shrooms and acid. You won’t be hungry that often. =)

I usually bring pre-packaged protein drinks (isopure or cytosport) to festivals so I don’t need to worry about having a bottle and cleaning it out afterwards if I want to reuse it.

What is your festival experience like? People are usually pretty willing to share so you could probably mooch off other’s grills for the event if needed.

I brought pre-cooked chicken breasts with me to one smaller festival recently.

You really should just enjoy yourself and forget about your diet this weekend - take some protein shakes and done if you REALLY want to be a stickler…

I looked at your profile to make sure you weren’t about to compete or in tip top shape - which COULD then have caused issues, and you are not, so just don’t sweat it.

Live a little. The weekend off won’t mean you have to work harder for whatever your goal is.