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Ideas for Even More Forum Challenges

I really enjoy participating in the challenges that get brought up on here and I think it’s a great way to get members active in the forum that usually just lurk. Let’s all brain storm some more challenge ideas

Couple of my ideas:

AMRAP BW squats

Overhead carries half BW in each hand for max distance

Body weight lunges around a track for distance

Fastest mile run

80% 1rm bench EMOM


Most Klokov Bumper Plate flips?

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Longest/heaviest farmers walk

Pull ups in 30 min

Dips in 30 min

Push ups in 30 minutes

Heaviest set of 100 lunges

Bw cleans in 30 minutes

Broad jump

Handstands hold

Squat with 135 for 10 minutes

Crucifix hold

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EMOM Front Squat doubles for 1 hour.

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Jesus Christ

Most inches added to thigh measurement.

Most squeezes on “X” C.O.C. Gripper.

Fastest time to eat some amount of hard boiled eggs/drink some amount of shots.

Biggest strict curl.

Worst pec genetics/bicep insertions.

Most cartwheels?

Sled Drag some percent of BW, for some fraction of a mile, for time.

I’ll be doing the base meso of smolov this summer so I might actually be able to win this one.

What about most unevenly distributed androgen receptors?

That would definitely be a good one

This one I’m gonna try

Some of you are sick. I say try my conditioning workout from yesterday. It’s all body weight and the only equipment required is a pull-up bar. I’m still worn out from it and I’m experiencing more soreness than I have from any squat workout in recent months.

If you want a real challenge, take a day off work and do this.

Wake up at 5AM
530-630 - Work up to Back Squat heavy single, 3 back off sets for max reps
630-730 - Nap
730-830 - Work up to a Front Squat heavy single, 3 back off sets for max reps
830-930 - Eat
930-1030- Work up to a Bench Press heavy single, 3 back off sets for max reps
1030-1130- Nap
1130-1230- Do as many Chin ups as you can manage in the hour
1230-130 - Eat
130-230 - Work up to a Overhead Press heavy single, 3 back off sets for max reps
230-330 - Nap
330-430 - Run as many miles as you can
430-530 - Eat
530-630 - 100 reps BB or DB Rows
630-730 - Nap
730-830 - EMOM Deadlift doubles 1 hour
830-930 - Eat
930-1030 - 10x10 Back Squats
1030-1130 - Eat, Netflix
1130 - Go to bed and wake up 1 week later.


max 100lb goblet squats in 30 minutes

Mile run with a 40 lb weight vest

Sounds like a good plan if you’re planning a 2 week vacation and need to do some over reaching beforehand.

Max amount of pizza eaten within 30 minutes.


Most amount of Caffeine you can consume in a day without going into Cardiac arrest. (I’ll win)

Are you sure about that gilly?

My record is 1500mg. I had a massive headache and wished I wasn’t such a fucking idiot

Not to be a one-upper, but I’ve hit 2.5 grams before.

And there I was worrying after three vodka redbulls.

And for the challenge what about max reps at x% of 1RM in one of the big four?