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Ideas for Empty Protein Containers


My empty protein container collection seems to be growing faster than I can recycle. Theres gotta be some useful purpose to these things.

I don't bake, so theres no use in storing flower, sugar, etc. in them and My girlfriend didn't exactly love the valentines day flowers I got her in the recycled Surge Vase.

If I was crafty I could probably make some neat homeade weights with them for a home gym, but I have a cheap membership to a nice gym around the corner of my house for a long time so thats another useless idea.

there has to be someone out there getting something of value out of them.


I keep dead babies in mine.


I prefer clear jars for my dead baby supply. They're no fun if you can't showcase them.


If you use a Metabolic Drive container as a piggy bank, you will be a rich man when you cash that baby in.


Pfffff, Grow! Whey tubs have been far better in my experience.


i dont have any money to put in the piggy bank thats why im trying to find some value in the empty containers lol


If you camp, you could use it to keep toliet paper dry while in the woods. Maybe, not sure if its wide enough.

Put sand in it and you can make a nice doorstop for heavy doors.

You can use them to store pasta and rice, maybe beans too.

If you have two, you can make that weapon from American Gladiator; put one on each end of a broomstick and beat the shit out of someone.


Can someone figure out how much a Metabolic Drive container would weigh when filled with concrete?

I got some ideas.


I like building a huge pyramid and then running head first and try to knock them all out.


I keep my receipts in them.


I don't know if this helps:

Concrete, Asphalt 140 pounds/cubic foot
Concrete, Gravel 150 pounds/cubic foot
Concrete, Limestone w/Portland 148 pounds/cubic foot
Cement, Portland 94 pounds/cubic foot
Cement, mortar 135 pounds/cubic foot
Cement, slurry 90 pounds/cubic foot


an idea i just thought of that would come in handy is using them to make ice.

One of the biggest money savors for me in college was making my own ice for keg parties as opposed to buying it by the bag. Wish I had thought of this then instead of using 50 solo cups.


Now go figure how many cubic foots a Metabolic Drive tub has.


Combining your two ideas... The canopy tents I camp with need weights on the legs to make sure they dont blow over. 2-5 lb protein tubs would work wonders here.


You could use them for crickets or worms if you use live bait for fishing, or if you just like 'em for a snack.


my mental capacity is limited to "yahoo answers."


yea i like that idea especially with the smaller creatine containers.


You can play bongo with them.


I heard they were loaded with protein.


I put bulk protein I buy in old protein containers....

So yeah...I just store MORE protein in them.