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Ideas for Calorie Dense Meals


i just went through Berardi's massive eating guide, did all the math, and it turns out i need about 3800 - 4000 calories for growth, im currently only around 3000 i think and runnign out of calorie dense food ideas.

typically ill eat 2 - 3 meals of meat and whole wheat pasta, this is very meaty and very carby and thick, the other 3 meals will consist of about 2x4whole egg omlette, slices of 12 grain bread, bananas, 2 scoops whey shakes, and a half cup of walnuts ( ~400cal).

i need to up my calories especially in the morning, i find i can eat a ton at night, but i feel ill in the morning after only 500 calories. im doing a big scoop of pb after every meal now that should add about 500, but i still need a bit more

what do you suggest i do to reach this goal, ill eat damn near anything except dairy, it makes me breakout with really deep hard sore pimples and RUINS my mood and self esteem, i've tried 3 times to go dairy after stopping a week later.

edit if im having trouble getting "unfull" should i just hit up a few dirtier foods? like pork rinds and stuff, its really really tough for my to get fat im quite ecto, and not afraid of having more bodyfat if that means adding another 40lbs to my bench/squat/dead


have trouble eating in the morning? Make a blender bomb

This is choked full of calories

1 cup dry oats
2 cups milk (could use water I guess)
2-4 scoops whey
1 bannana
big ole spoon of Peanut butter
1 cup frozen berries (I like blueberries)


no dishwasher + roomy in the morning = no blender, i used to do that all the time its greatbut not really feasable... also ill get the runs in by afternoon if i have a liquid breakie.... maybe just pick up some metamucil


Could add Olive Oil throughout the day. I believe 1 Tbsp has around 100cals in it. Mix in some oil with your pasta.


yeah i love olive oil, i do all my cooking with it, some times i even just glug the bottle a bit. it works well but gotta be careful of backwash and swalling it right or else it BURNS.

good ideas though, thanks for the help i think im just in a rut, some days ill be like "time to eat" "but wtf do i eat"

i live alone so maybe some of the problem is like an economy instinct, like im low on my 10lb bag of whey, so ill subconsciously use it less instad of wolfing that shit down, im already approaching 300 bucks a month on food, which i dont mind because unlike other students i dont drink, i dont buy junk, i dont buy fast food etc my expense is literally like rent, food, supps (fish,flax,creatine,vit) and maybe some new underwear lol. cept the parents are STILL on my ass about spending money.

anyways i gotta start thinking outside my box and start just going for shit


I buy a bunch of 1/4th pound hamburgers that are about 75/25. Plenty of calories, less money.


you bbq them?


Like you said later just do the damn thing, don't make excuses. I also have no dishwasher and 2 roommates, what do I do? Make the damn shake the night before and store it in the fridge! Simple.

4,000 calories is NOT hard.


I read a good article once that said an easy way to ingest more calories a day is to just eat an extra spoon of peanut butter per meal or even bread with peanut butter and jam


i always have a jar of pb at my desk that i snack on, also Kalle.... shit you're right.... I gotta do what i gotta do, i mean thats gotta be the difference between why im strong, and why they're weak.

thx for inspiration


okay update just go back from the grocery store and cooked up more meals

meal 1 : shake (pb,oats,whey,banana,blueberries) ~1000cal

2: pasta (triple ground beef with whole wheat fettuccini) ~ 500 - 600cal

3: shake

4: pasta

5: steak with broccoli and asparagus

6: steak with etc

7: 6 whole omega 3 egg omlette

also eating pb throughout the day, 2 - 5 bananas, and a half cup of walnuts

this puts me over 4000 for sure, just had to tighten my dietup. the whole thing is mobile too cept for the omlette


One word... Chipotle


The way I like it I get 1287 Calories per burrito, most of that coming from carbs but still getting 64g protein.


nice ideas schultzie -- im gonna pick up some of these myself


You can also add dressing, sour cream, or any sort of sauce to a meal and that ups the calories. JB recommends going the full fat version when trying to get in some extra calories.


2 BK double cheeseburgers and a large chocolate shake will get you 2000 calories.


It will also make you fat.


Just looking at your posted diet, it seems like you're trying to avoid fats. This isn't the 80's, intelligent fat intake is ok! Add some sauces to your meats and vegetables for one thing.

Here's a 1200 calorie example:

TURKEY SANDWHICH (Best eaten as your post workout meal approx 1 hour after ingesting your Surge due to carb content)

Carb friendly bread (I use sara lee 100% whole wheat with honey, personal testing shows very little insulin spike, ymmv)
6 Slices deli turkey (the real stuff not pre-packaged)
2 Tablespoons mayo (basically enough to cover one piece of bread, make sure to buy the kind with canola not soybean oil)
Some mustard (however much you like)
2 Pieces Cheese (I like swiss, but whatever floats your boat)
Thick slice of onion
1 Pickle
Some lettuce
Two slices tomato


Only if you eat too much. For someone that can't gain weight, that will help.


How does it look like he is avoiding fats? he is eating ground beef and steak, pb, and whole eggs, the shakes can also have added olive oil and pb? Sounds like a good balanced diet........


i george foreman those mothers. I cook 20 every sunday.