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Ideas for belt squat platforms

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if any creative individuals out there have come up with a good platform for doing belt squats. So far I’ve seen plyometric platforms that are 1 foot high, and those look PERFECT, but problem is that I’m broke right now so can’t shell out the 70-100 bucks to get each one (plus shipping). Anybody improvised and found something they can do belt squats on? I ran through Home Depot looking for a step stool or something but didn’t have much luck so far.

A pair of cinder blocks.

Thanks VMan,

I’ll check that out…

Try this. Buy yourself one-2"x12"x8’, two-4"x4"x8’, 32 3"x1/4" lagbolt and washers and you may want to get some none slip tape (used on stairs).
Now cut the 2x12s into four equal pieces (2x12x12). You then cut the 4x4 into legs for the platforms. Lag bolt the 4x4s to the 2x12. One 2x12 on the bottom and one 2x12 on the top. Now you have two very strong boxes on with to stand. Depending on you woodworking skills you can even tilt the top surface some. Apply the non-slip tape and belt squat away. If you can figure out my yahoo email address, I can send you a drawing of this and another set-up that might help out. Best of Luck.