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Ideas for an Event Day with Limited Equipment


I'm going to start doing a strong man day once a week in order to improve my conditioning. I plan on doing a strongman competition when im older, but Im currently focusing on building up my strength by using a 3 day wsb template.

My equipment is limited to barbells and dumbbells.

For exercises I can do:
dumbbell swings (sort of resembles keg toss)
farmers walks (dumbbells, holding barbell in zercher style because it would resemble Conans wheel)

Does anybody have any suggestions for other strongman events I could do with my limited equipment?.


Since it says you are in Ontario, look up Ontariostrongman.ca and look for a training group near you. Most of us have our own gear and you can come and train worry free with people for a small cost.

Other than that, seriously think about getting some gear. Most of it isn't too bad and if you are creative you can build your own. Building strength in the gym only takes you so far, you are gonna need to do both sides of it. I am gym strong but was event weak, now I am event strong(er) and making huge gains in the gym.

As for holding the bar zercher, it doesn't come across the same, different kind of hold for a conan's wheel. The bar will be thicker and thus not as painful, you also sort of rest it on your gut. it is a start though.


With just barbells and dumbbells your options are limited.

If you wanted to do a conditioning circuit you could pair together a couple of exercises such as barbell power cleans, one-arm dumbbell snatches, one-arm dumbbell clean and press, dumbbell farmers walk, plyometrics (jumping), etc.


Thanks man. Checked the site, will look more into competing and getting equipment once my gym strength gets better (I've only been lifting for a little less than a year).


Ya im probally gonna do a circuit like the one suggested.


Deadlift/hack deadlift



Bent over row

Zercher lifts

Go find an old tire and buy a chain. Load up the tire with plates and now you had a sled to drag. Good for super heavy short pulls or longer conditioning stuff

That's 6 lifts. If you max on all of them it will be a decent sub for an "event" day. Good luck, also as someone else suggusted try to find a group that's close to you and go train with them


just tried 225 lb. zercher holds for time to "simulate" conan's wheel yesterday. I see what you mean about holding it with your gut. I wrapped a neck pad and a towel around the olympic bar to make it fatter. In your experience what are times/distances and/or weights that are achieved in this event? It seems it's a more rare event in terms of people posting personal bests. Looking forward to checking my courage and doing this again soon.


In my experience... I am yet to actually do a conan's wheel. I just know how it should be done. I have studied the lift, but starting this weekend I am training for it. Normally they are for distance at a set weight.

I'll be doing 500lb in august, so i'll let you know how it goes. I expect a member of my team or two will give it a good run as we all topped 805 on a wheel barrow deadlift last weekend and had two of us over 1000 lbs, my hand tore at 865... even after having it up for a good lift.


The competition I did in May had the Conans. Weight for HW and SHW was 700 and 500 or 600 for LW and MW. Can't remember.

Most guys got 1-2 full laps, with a couple guys getting 3+ and some not getting a full turn.

That was a hard event to practice for. The week before we loaded a 3in axle bar up to 700 and did zercher unracks with it. That was cool and all but 1, I could feel my shins bending, and 2, the actual weight you end up moving is nowhere near that. Practice zercher holds or walks with something in the range of 300-500 and you should be golden.


Thanks coolnatedawg. I am strangely looking forward to feeling my shins bending when I work up to heavy enough weights.


I actually finally tested out the conan's this past weekend at 500 pounds. That what the contest will be. It felt pretty good, getting used to the weight on the chest is the hard part. Not breathing kinda sucked but the 500 didn't feel all too heavy. Got a good full turn out of it in the test run.