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Ideas for Ab Training?


I know this will open pandoras box but I am stuck on some ab exercises for my next program..

So far it consists of an isometric palloff press, hanging single leg raises and barbell rollouts.. ive also got all the major lifts such as deads, squats, chins, overhead presses etc

Any ideas for what i can do... I train for taekwondo but doesn't necessarily have to be related to that



Read the motherfucking articles about abs training


hahahahhah AWESOME answer.


hahah bad time of the day... i have read them just want to know what other people do. im sure u dnt follwo everything in the articles and have some of ur own ideas


Incorporate more twisting movements than you have now.


Front squats and underhand pull ups.. You might get stronger other places other than your GQ abs


I like to do weighted leg raises and crunches/sit-ups, then something for rotation and something for twisting.

I'm almost always too lazy to add this in, but it makes a big difference if I do ---> High-rep ab work, e.g. bicycle crunches, lying leg raises.

The heavy stuff seems to help with stability and the high-rep work helps with moving quicker.

Sample Week

Day 1: Leg Raises and Windmill's, followed by high-rep ab circuit
Day 2: Decline Sit-Ups and Full-Contact Twist, followed by high-rep ab circuit


sport specific training requires training a sport specifically. If you are trying to improve your abs for aesthetic purposes instead of performance purposes, then:


According to profile:

Refer to appropriate pic above.

Just pulling your leg (a bit). Sure, we all get stumped sometimes and it's good to get ideas from other lifters, but make sure you think back on plans/advice you've given others in the same situation. If a lifter comes to you and says "Coach, I need some new ab training tips." your advice would be...?

I'd want to see what the entire program looks like (days, exercises, sets, reps, and general program goal) before I can give any concrete advice.

Like some have said, I find rotational training to be just as important as flexion and static work. Make sure you're addressing all three points. Full contact twists and cable woodchoppers work great for rotational work. Also, some explosive work like medicine ball slams can be very useful.

There a difference between rotation and twisting?

What, huh?


I think by twisting he means a one handed suitcase deadlift as opposed to a russian twist( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCB3kxqhbuY ).
As for higher rep. Higher rep usually means the weight is lighter and thus you can work more on explosiveness as opposed to pure absolute strength (comparing doing squats with 70 percent of your 1RM for reps as opposed to a doing a triple).


I don't know, but to me, twisting and rotating are pretty synonymous. A one-handed suitcase deadlift would be more of a stability and anti-rotation, and really not one of my favorites anyway. (I think too many people allow side flexion during the lift, which defeats the purpose.)

When he said, "

" I get the impression that he means if your goal is to move/perform faster, high rep work will help. I disagree with that. But maybe we're getting caught in a telephone game... my interpretation of your interpretation of what the guy said or meant to say.


Shit, I meant to write lateral flexion and then another one for rotation. So windmill's (lateral flexion) and full-contact twists (rotation).

What I noticed (in Jiu-Jitsu class) when I did the heavy stuff was that I felt resistant to strains when going for sweeps or when I had to twist for something. But popping off the ground for scrambles, trying to roll to my knees from my back quickly, etc. I was very slow at and my body felt "unconnected", like I had the strength but the gaps weren't filled in. Hard to explain well. When I added in the high-rep ab circuits, all of a sudden I had the fludity that I was lacking.


Yeah, i somewhat agree. Just was trying to make sense of what he was saying.


ahha see where ur coming from Chris. Spose its easier to tell someone else what to do then to tell urself. Yeh Bram at Taekwondo training we do quite a high volume of abs so i try to stick to lower reps at the gym



here is what works for me..

hanging leg raises feet to face sets of 15 to 20

some kind of twisting crap- either wood chops or corksrews

other work that I feel makes the abs work.
OH squats Zercher lifts

decline sit ups always bother my hip
dragon flags bother my already busted neck.