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ideas and links pls

30yrs old
225 +/- lbs
Im eating hi protein very low carbs. plenty of vegatables.
2-3 protein shakes a day
creatine 1-2 per day
drink about 1 gal of water a day
i take 2-4 zendrene a day

I have a free weight home gym with everyting 'cept lat bar
I sleep about 6 hours a night then take a 30-60min nap b4 i work out in the afternoon

working 2 body parts per day, resting every 2-3 days. taking a 3 day now and then.
I am going the boby building route. im not that interested in the powerlifitng one, although size does matter.

no cardio program now. Would like the most efficent because i hate it

I use to be in AWESOME condition

after not working out for 3 years i ave been regulary working out for a month, making nice gains. BUT

I am actually gaining weight and BF ( i know muscle weighs more than fat i have a digital BF counter)

I am happy with the fast results from the program i used to use but i can not get rid of my gut. in fact it seems to be getting bigger.
gettign frustrated here guys. i realize im older than i use to be but i should at least be losing some weight instead of my BF going up.

I am absolutly sure im not under eating and causing me body to store fat etc…

I would like any diet/cardio advice or links.

I really dont wanna have to keep a log. it is very difficult to keep a journal or even eat 5 meals a day. im a teacher ( with very “active” severly emotionaly disabled high school kids, - think gangbangers that need help sitting in chairs at times. no i dont beat anyone up. i jsut restrain them) and i will also be in school to be a fireman so I have to construct a practical cardio/diet plan that wont take away from my work out schdule. Obviously, i do not have the time to be so dedicated about my diet and measure servings etc. Im honestly very busy.

would love some advice. i have to be conservative with suppliments etc because im a teacher about to go back to school so as everyone knows i dont have any money.

thanks guys i can really use the help. gettin really frustrated here.

Hey, there, teirs. Sounds like you’re losing weight, but not fat. In fact, just guessing, you’re probably losing muscle weight, not fat weight.

Take a look at T-Dawg 2.0. You’re already doing a lot of good things. T-Dawg will put some structure into things for you.

Start a food log if you really want to dial in your diet and take advantage of the wisdom here on the board. I think the article is called the missing link.

Read up on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It’s fast, efficient, do-able, and will leave you energized. I do a 5 minute warmup, and then 20 minutes of 30 seconds high intensity, 90 seconds low intensity to get my heart rate down and recover. I do my HIIT on a StairMaster, but you can do it with a jump rope, sprints around the block or a rowing maching. Pick your weapon.

Read all of John Berardi’s articles. You’ll be a diet guru in short order – or at least you’ll be better able to troubleshoot your diet. (grin)

Try some 5-HTP if you have trouble sleeping (or ZMA or Melatonin). Sleep is an important part of building a great body.

That’s what I see at first glance. I’m sure others will stop by shortly and share their thoughts.

Good luck to you!!!

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but here’s what I think of your post:

  1. You have no well-defined goal. You say size matters, then you lament the fact that you’re putting on weight. Although experienced lifters (and people who are capable of sticking to a strict diet) can under certain circumstances put on muscle while shedding fat, it doesn’t happen easily. Most of the time, you’re going to gain some fat with the muscle. So you would need to decide which you want to do: bulk or cut?

  2. For a teacher, your spelling and grammar are atrocious. Please tell me that this isn’t what you teach your kids.

  3. You’re “too busy” to keep a food log/eat five times a day? Bub, we’re ALL too busy to do that. I run a company - in Japan. You’ve got college students on this board who in addition to taking a full load work three part-time jobs as well. You have a decision to make, and that decision is how much of a priority you’re going to make of your physique goals. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Believe it, and you’ll see how to work things around for your particular situation.

  4. Sounds to me like you need to get a MUCH better understanding of the nutrition side of things in order to reach your goals (whatever they are). I recommend reading everything on this site by John Berardi as a start. Then come up with a plan for yourself.

Good luck.

Damn Char, where is the love?

To quote Shugart…“its your diet stupid”. You can train and train and train till your eyes turn blue and you wont see a lick of progress if your diet is not up to par. Trust me…read EVERYTHING Berardi has written and you will be well on your way to nutritional bliss. As for not keeping a food log. Thats bullshit if you ask me. How hard is it to take 1 minute and jot down what you ate at 11AM??? You will be surprised at how much you can learn by realizing what you are eating. I am willing to bet poor food choices and poor meal timing are your biggest enemy and deterring you from attaining your goals. What is you goal by the way??? Anyways, Tampa Terry and Char-Dawg beat me to the punch and already gave you sound advice! Now get ta readin!!!

It’s called tough love, Solo. Sometimes that’s the only kind that’ll work. :wink: