Ideal Weight?

Hey guys! I’m 6’0ft tall and plan to start eating a shitload of food to add some mass. I was just wondering what weight I should aim for before i need to cut down. I plan on doing natural bodybuilding and want to set concrete goals. I know its not the same for everyone but I just want a rough estimate!

sorry for the noob question, but i am…a noob.

Thanks :smiley:

There is no answer to your question as you ask it, not even a rough estimate.

eat, lift, sleep and forget about this shit.

I knew this would happen :wink: Just wanted to know like the average weight of a 6’0 competitive natural bodybuilder.

246.7 lbs

see how you look, if you get too fat cut.

[quote]uNbroken wrote:
I knew this would happen :wink: Just wanted to know like the average weight of a 6’0 competitive natural bodybuilder.[/quote]

Then look up show results.

But it is irrelevant. You are going to fuck yourself up chasing a specific number.

Stop worrying about a specific number.

Alright ,thanks beans and lemon!

[quote]uNbroken wrote:
Alright ,thanks beans and lemon!


To expand on my point so you don’t think I’m just being an asshole:

Lets say your body is designed to get to a leanish 240 over say 4 years. Now you look up all these numbers and get it in your head you NEED to get to 270. You are going to blow past the soft 240 and eat yourself fat up to the 270 and fuck up a good 6 months of quality gaining time spent doing damage control.

I will say however, depending on your frame, you are going to need a shit tone of mass to feel “filled out”, lol. I’m your height and feel undersized at a soft 250.

Just pay attention to the mirror and those around you who have a clue. When dudes you look up to at the gym start telling you that you “got big” or “damn man you blew up” you know you’re on the right track.

I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, and I know it helps to put a number on a goal, but if you need to focus on numbers, which I get, focus on adding 50-200lbs to each one of your 8RM’s for each lift and eating your body weight in protein a day.

Oh, welcome to the boards btw.

Thank you for explaining your point in more depth, time to start eating+training like an animal :D.

Really appreciate the warm welcome and the speedy replies :smiley:

Countingbeans hit the nail on the head. Not only that but different people look very differently at different body weights. The way you look at 240 will not be what Flex Wheeler looked like a 240. You have to decide for yourself what you want to look like and then eat and train accordingly, that may mean you end up at 220,240,280,300… Only you can decide.

You dont need to step on a scale to compete in bodybuilding.

Weigh yourself only ensure that you are eating enough.

The actual number is irrelevant as long as its changing (or staying the same if youre losing fat and gaining muscle at an equal rate (rarely going to happen))