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Ideal Weight at 5'8"?


Hi guys,

atm I weigh roughly 220 or so lbs and would like to diet and exercise down to 155 or so.

Now as I’m not after the road head type look what weight would you guys say is a respectable weight to aim for for my height?

I want the Greg plotting type look.

Big and shredded but not freakishly big and obvious I’m on the juice.

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Ummm… I know what road head is, it’s great… but what look goes with road head? I imagine a euphoric look, no?


Are you on juice?


Oh man haha I’m in my phone and auto correct is messing everything up haha

roidhead and Greg plitt sorry.


LOtta guys of the same height can look (and weigh) very differently. Usually size carried in the lower body can really push weights up. A symmetrical bodybuilder of 5’8 will usually weigh more than a physique guy of the same height.





My legs get big with minimal training along with back traps and shoulders.

In the chest area I’m not so gifted. I know I have a lower chest but upper chest is non existent.

Also have a weak core.

I’m going to start training again and I don’t know if this sounds stupid but I’m not going to train legs or if I do it’ll be like once a month just to keep them strong.

I don’t want to be bottom heavy, I think it looks horrible. especially if you’re 5ft8 like me ha.


155 is too light if you’re carrying a decent amount of muscle. I’m 5’7" and weigh 182 and I’m around 15%BF


180-220 pounds depending on how lean you like to be, and muscle you can hold. It also depends on build and such. I am 5’9" with a really large/wide frame for example, and I literally can’t get down to 180 without losing muscle to get down there.


Remember that a lot of it will be relative, Bottom heavy is only an accurate assessment maybe 1% of the time IMO. All other times it’s because the compeittor’s upper body is lacking.

I always said that my own lower body was lagging, but to be honest, it’s because my upper body was just pretty darn good in comparison. No one in the gym ever critiqued my legs, BUT, I’ll always conceded that they were far from the best onstage (at least in terms of quad sweep. My hams and calves were definitely ok).

While I’m 5’8 as well, Brad (Brick) is 5’10, and at his recent show, weighed around 171-173, and I can tell you that he didn;'t lose any discernable muscle getting there. Still, this was honest to goodness contest level lean. He could have very easily chilled around 180-183 and been the most shredded guy in almost any gym he frequents.



Thing is I’m not after mass.

My ideal goal is to have a Greg plitt type body.

I don’t want to be too bulky for my height.

Ideally I’d like the Bruce Lee type look or Greg plitt even though both physiques are completely different.

I want to be able to do handstands and calisthenics and be flexible rather than deadlift 500lbs and look like a fat out of shape powerlifter.

I guess I’ll just have to see what I can do.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


Try out running a train. You’ll look like Greg Plitt in no time flat.


You have plenty of fat to lose regardless. What’s your diet and training look like?

I thought this was an interesting comparison… 5’9" Conor McGregor at a lean, dehydrated 145 pounds vs him at a lean, not-as-dehydrated 168.

But, again, you’re a full 50+ pounds away from anything like that. So the specific end goal almost doesn’t matter for now, just get moving in the general direction.


This is just my opinion from personal experience. Your goals are set WAY too high at the moment to succeed.
Greg Plitt had an extremely aesthetic physique. It’s no doubt many might aspire to want to look like him but few ever will. It’s kind of why he got on the covers of many magazines, lol
You should set a more realistic goal. Realistic but not overly easy would be to first get to 199lbs while using a muscle building plan and not just using a temporary starvation diet
Look at yourself now, take before pics and remind yourself how much better you look each along the way