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Ideal Way to Shed Bodyfat?


IM curious to find out which of the following would be the most effective in burning off fat.
A split routine along with cardio, MON-Back , Tues-legs and abs etc........

Or Total body workouts along with cardio.

MOn- Bench press, dips, squats, military press, lunges, dumbellrows
and some additonal arm and calves(Light) + Cardio


Wed- Same Muscle groups just different excercises.


Thanx for any info and advice comments greatly app.


Or, you could do a full body workout 3 days a week, and cardio on 3 other days.


Wreckless is right: you'd get activity everyday, consistent calorie burning, and doing a full body work out definitely burns more calories than a split routine. Problem solved. Get to work.


Tabata Burpees.

Do as many burpees as you can in 20 secs. Rest for 10 secs. Repeat 7 more times. Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Alternatively, do 20 burpees, walk slowly to the other side of your the room (pretend its your cell :), do 19 burpees, and so on. Try doing pushups at the end of each of these. Be sure to jump as high as you can when you come up.

Besides burning fat, these will increase your athletic skills, or help you survive in prison. :slightly_smiling:


BTW: The above is my adaptation of a workout for prison inmates who have no weights.


Doing something at this high of an intensity while in a fasted state is asking for muscle loss. The only cardio that should be done on an empty stomach is low intensity, or medium at most. See '100 workouts to ripped city' by Dr. Lowery.


Remember to wear your motorbike helmet Gary!


Pre-breakfast moderate cardio, 4-5 days of exercise, with a HIIT one/two evening(s).


Agreed. B4 the '100 Workouts to Ripped City' came about, I was doing fasted HIIT cardio first thing in the morn as I thought my insulin levels were the lowest and u know... all the GH thing and bla bla.

I kinda lost weight after bout 2-3 weeks doing it. bout 4-5 pounds and that's pretty scary considering i was just trying to get rid of the holiday fat. felt so weak as well (muscle loss?). nah, its not a good thing for moderate-high intensity cardio. eat some P+C before it i guess.


im doing this right now,went from 220 to 211 in 2.5 weeks,i play b-ball and do 4-5 50 yard sprints


I sometimes do tabata db thrusters first thing in the morning fasted, just for convenience sake. Do you really think such a short session will lead to muscle loss? I would never do HIIT fasted, but tabata is only 4 minutes total... Anybody?


You can stop eating for a week. Sure fire way to drop weight.

You could move to Phoenix during the summer. Water weight gets lost in hours.

I heard carb cycling works. If you've determined how many calories you need to maintain your current weight, eat less than that.

You may want to look into that new HOT-ROX Extreme thingy.

Four viable means to attain results. Good luck.


I have lost 23 pounds of fat in 20 weeks with a combination of pre-breakfast low-intensity cardio, velocity diet (which also cost me 3 pounds of muscle), Thib's carb cycling, and in the last 5 weeks I have alternated between a.5 days of low carbs with 2 carb up days/b. 3 days of low carbs with 1 carb up day.

Each person is different and I found that I had to get the cardio going to kickstart the fat loss. I now have 5 pounds to come off in 4 weeks before I compete which should time just nicely.
Good luck


I would have to agree. You could also try supersetting your exercises, lowering the intensity, and raising the volume of your workouts.


Wrong. Doing this in a fasted state is best for fat loss! Don't forget when you lose fat, you will lose a little bit of muscle too. You try to minimize it but you still lose a little muscle.

I respect Dr. Lowery's stuff but you also have to factor in body type differences, genetic differences, goals, training history, etc. There is not only ONE way to lose fat contrary to popular belief.

I really like the burpee suggestion.



Nice article about Tabata method. I don't use weights though, primarily because I want more agility for sparring.


Surge afterward should negate some of the catabolism, but the sugars will negate some of the fat burning, I'd think. Maybe Metabolic Drive would be better.


Do a fullbody split 3-days a week. Do a little cardio everyday. Low-intensity on lifting days. Drink alot of water.


I don't think it would. People worry so much about muscle loss when dieting yet has anyone who was smart about their diet and training,who wasn't seriously under eating ever loss any significant amount of muscle?I've never seen it.


Yeah, I don't do weights either, I don't want to get TOO big.


I don't use weights doing Tabata, as is described in the article.

Now, go try to hump someone else's leg for a while, mutt.