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Ideal Tempo for Building Muscle?

Can a poor tempo with weight lifting cause a decrease in muscle growth? My strength and weight has been stagnant for years now. I feel as though I go way too slow through the motions, this is a result of me overthinking the lift.

Whats your diet?

Just try a different proven program off this site, anything by Paul Carter, Thib, Dan John etc.

For the main lifts use whatever tempo allows you to lift the most weight, generally that is pretty quick and you should be mentally as explosive and forceful as possible even if bar moving slowly. For assistance moves/arms etc slow and controlled is fine.

This all pales in significance btw to your general intensity and work effort in the gym and long term consistency with lifestyle habits like diet and sleep

From your previous thread you said you were going to do 5/3/1 -how did that go?

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The 531 is going well! My lifts have increased slowly and consistently but more slow than the program states. Ive started to get more angry and mentally pumped up before i go to the gym and carry that memtality through every rep.

Still gotta really try to get a better mind muscle connection though