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Ideal Supps Post Max Strength W/O?

I had a thought concerning post workout supplementation the other day, and came to a point that I couldn’t answer.

Considering that a typical max strength workout would be somewhere in the 3 rep range, a set should come in around the 12 second or less mark. This would mean that one would be using the atp-pc system, with a slight spillover into the anaerobic alactic system.

If one remains mostly in the atp-pc system, there should be little glycogen usage. If there is only slight spillover into the anaerobic alactic system, glycogen usage should be nearly inconsequential.

My question is whether a post workout drink needs to contain such a large amount of carbs, and might one be better off with some different mix?

I know there have been numerous studies reporting increased recovery with supplemention of a carb/protein drink etc. But in every single one I’ve seen the details on, that is after an endurance workout, or a “strength” workout that consists of the standard 10 rep range.

The only explanation I could come up with is that increased post exercise oxygen consumption leads to glycogen depletion in some way.

I know this can be considered splitting hairs, but if there is no need to consume more, why do it?

Total reps matters as well as does rest periods and if you run out of atp where is it comng from?? Fuel that is.

Also goals Need to gain great time for carbs post workout and hell during Ive pulled neumerous PR’s in session where I drank Surge during/after. Also Dave T has said it himself his greatest gains came when he really UPPED the simple carbs didnt worry so much about protein and got those carbs in. Think abut your goals and adjust diet to that. If looking to maintain or cut and gain a touch or maintain strenght during cut sure you could go low carb.

Then you have CNS recovery from the ingestion of carbs etc. The relaxing release of seratonin a Nice big whack of carbs brings.

Also you are bound to have torn up some major tissue lifing HEAVY in the 80% + range those carbs will help.