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Ideal split?

I like some of the routines I’ve found on here, but working out at home means I don’t have all the equipment necessary for the exercises. Can someone give me an ideal split, in terms of muscle groups, instead?

I’m thinking like Chest/triceps, Back/biceps, shoulders/legs. Throw in some rest days and some cardio, and voila!

Abs I work in seperately from my main lifting, every other day. Does this look about right?

day 1: upper body
day 2: lower body
day 3: off
day 4: upper body
day 5: off
day 6: lower body
day 7: off



Umm… with all due respect, it looks like you just prescribed the body for life plan. That’s like 4th grade stuff… I was asking if the split I had was good.

Chest/triceps, Back/biceps, shoulders/legs just as much 4th grade if ya ask me. I’m not a big fan of doing tris and chest on teh same day.

horizontal push and pull

quad dominant and calves

vertical push and pull

hamstring dominant and calves.

Why no chest and triceps on the same day? They’re muscle groups that combine with each other in a variety of movements. Triceps are a stabilizer on loads of chest exercises, i.e. all presses, dips, etc.

Because after a heavy bench press session your triceps are ko. Same story for the biceps after a heavy back session. Therefore I suggest you to follow the advice of BEdZ and P-DOG.

Hi LoneLobo…I train at home as well, but I found that my numbers greatly increased when I stopped combining triceps with chest and biceps with back. Though I wouldn’t really call it a “grade 4” workout…then again that’s the routine I started off with AGES ago thanks to M&F…you be the judge! grin

As P-Dog posted, the split there is pretty sound, and it still allows you to throw in your “favorite” exercises.


take that body by life comment and shove it up your ass before i find you and grind you up and consume you as PWO!

you appear to be unable, unwilling, and generally not inclined to do any work and research of your own. therefore, i will not eleaborate on the split or recommend anything further to you. you have done nothing on this forum but ask for simple advice and then criticize quality recommendations.

read the past issues you ungrateful brat. learn about CTs programs and then maybe we can have a discussion.

i’d add more lower body training than you originally suggested so P-dog’s quad dominant/hip dominant split is a good idea.

I am inclined to agree w/ bedz, I just started doing CAD training as found in CT’s new book. The split is what bedz says, and this past week was quite possibly the best workouts I have had in a very long time. CT knows his stuff, read before you make stupid criticism.

yea, BEDZ is right, Lonelobo, you’re full of shit. You truly have no idea what you’re talking about. Body for Life Split?, you make me laugh.

Lonelobo, judging from what you know, you should probably start training at a 4th grade level.

Umm… with all due respect, it looks like you just prescribed the body for life plan. That’s like 4th grade stuff… I was asking if the split I had was good.

Btw lone lobo how the hell do you suggest we prescribe a split for you if you don’t provide information about:
Past injuries
perceived weaknesses

An upperbody/lowerbody plit is not a bad suggestion for a beginner!
WSB guys use an upper lowerbody split and grow like weeds. Try telling Goldberg he trains like a 4’th grader, now that’s one I’d like to see :smiley:


Oh, by the way, many of CW’s programs are upper/lower splits, so i’d do a little more research before knowing that.

I train at home and dont have access to a squat rack so all of my lowerbody work revolves around pulling from the floor( Hack squats, stiff leg deadlifts, dumbell squats etc) so I have found that the best split for me has been a push/ pull one. Workout on Mon/Wed/Fri and alternate accordingly.

The push/pull/quad/ham and the upper/lower are both good splits.

You might want to think about full body workouts too. They’re my favorite. Just cut out the direct arm work, add in some squats, bench, dips, chins, rows and deads, and voila!

Coincidentaly I use the same exact split as Thunder. It seems to be the most productive split I have tried so far. By the way, Thunder I sent you a pm regarding a question on leg training.

Upper/lower body splits can be effective. I don’t know why you believe upper/lower is “4th grade.”

Perhaps what’s “4th grade” is the notion that there exists a single, general “ideal” split. There are lots of effective ways to work out. What’s not ideal is analyzing it to death. You don’t make a lifetime commitment to any routine.

The ideal split for you, right now, is one that prioritizes your true weaknesses, not just the muscles you want to see.

Andersons Posted:

Yes, yes, one-thousand times yes. Here’s how to build a split:

  1. What are your goals?
  2. What are your weaknesses?
  3. What has worked/hasn’t worked for you in the past?

The split question will resolve itself after you answer those questions. (And perhaps with a bit more research–i.e. “What has worked for others in similar situations (similar goals/weaknesses)?”)

The easiest way to build a split is to start with something that YOU KNOW works. That isn’t to say that you should be benching first, on Monday, every week for the rest of your life, but if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.

Dan “There is NO ideal split for everyone.” McVicker