Ideal Split

In your opinions, what is the ideal training split? 3x a week, 4x a week?
In the same vein, what is the optimal # of sets for each workout? 12, 15, 20?

There is no ideal split, newbie. What are your goals anyway?

I’m actually not a newbie, my question was more to see what people who read this board do, I am sure if we got 100 responses we would get probably 100 different configurations.

Tony, your question maybe vague but may be able to be restructered by asking…how many sets have do you feel are optimal for hypertrophy…strength etc (per workout? per week?) How about frequency of exercise groups… Mike

I don’t think there is a good way to answer this question. The problem is that you might have an ‘ideal’ routine, and you use it for 6-weeks and then it blows. No more gains. After that you will have to find your next ‘ideal’ routine, i.e. ideal for your current situation. The question might be easier to answer if you look at an entire macro-cycle and ask which macro cycles gave you the best results. I find it very interesting in this context that the Growth Surge Project actually covers an entire macro cycle instead of the typical ‘do-this-for-the-next-4-weeks- and-you-will-get-huge’ thing.

tony… g… as in grygorcek?