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Ideal Situation! Help!


Never used anything,never cared.I'm 35 been strength training for a solid 12 years.IF I Could acquier hGH 4iu 6 months worth,Test Cyp 10WKs worth,deca 10 wks max amount,4 weeks of anavar,plus all the extras post cycle.how effective cycle could be put together.I need some examples?
HT 5'8" ,Wt 225 %bdft 14.7 squat585,deads 435,bench 385,overhead press 255
little joe


no first hand experience here with juice, but that sounds good... You sound like a strong fuck, why aren't you d/lfting more? :slight_smile:


I've researched for well over 2 years.I just was looking for something 2 compare with.
the DL is being addressed currently
little joe


These two by Cy Willson along with all his other stuff and the newbie thread above will help then Im sure these guys will chime in Best though it seems if you take the time to propose a Plan of your own first then get opinions/tweeks.

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HGH @ 4iu per day for 6 months, I'm jealous! That's a great start.

Test c @ 500mg/wk for 12wks
Deca @ 400mg/wk for 8wks
Var, could run at start or end of cycle, I'd run at least 40mg/day.

What you gonna do for PCT?



PCT HCG, clomid.noveldex(spelling)?during cycle anything else is there if needed.
my idear lean mass,dosage is not workout.need advice

Test cyp:week 1-12
hGH 4iu 6 months
Winny wk8-12 / accillary's ? maybe T3 at the end?
pct: hcg & clomid little joe


thread closed.new thread with mgs etc.