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ideal set/reps/frequency for neck harness training

is there any ?

Not really, it depends on your goals.

How about for strengthening/conditioning without hypertrophy?

This is something I’ve been curious about myself. I’ve mainly been interested in getting a harness because I get some neck tension from working at a computer all day. I do some stretching and it helps, but I figure strengthening the neck will be a big help. But I’d rather not end up with a 20 inch monster neck.


You guys need to bridge, throw the harnesses in the trash. All they do is put kinks and cramps in your neck.

Go to mattfurey.com OR read the article in t-mag. type “hindu” into the search engine
(to your left) and click on the article called COmbat Conditioning.

THat’s all you need trust me. It also will eliminate back pain and neck pain.

ANd don’t write back saying it looks dangerous- I weigh 298 and do it 4x a week. If I can do it, u can too!