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ideal protein drink

to cy wilson, loved the protein article!!!

in light of cy’s article regarding the benefits of caesin & combining it with whey concentrate, can anybody suggest a quality mrp and protein drink??? im especially interested in finding a protein drink with caesin that i can have before i go to bed each night (around 20g of protein per serving) any ideas??

Hi Kevin, GROW! is a great MRP that has casein in it, but you already knew that, right? Well, if the Testosterone Powers-That-Be let me post this, maybe you can give the night time protein formula from protein factory a try, too. I use both. Pfactory will also blend a combo of whatever ratios of whey, casein, or other type protein you specify to them. As far as MRP’s GROW!, really is my favorite–esp vanilla. Hope that helps. WP

I’m not sure which brands would suit your needs but go to the protein factory and look around their website and I think you’ll at least be intrigued by their products. They make custom blends of protein powders(types amounts).