Ideal proportions

Anyone know what are considered ideal proportions? As in: Neck to upper arm dia ratio, forearm to upper arm dia ratio, thigh to waist dia ratio, etc. I’d really like to know what’s considered ideal so I can adjust and prioritize areas.

I believe Steve Reeves wrote about this in his book “Building the Classic Physique”. If I remember correctly he says neck, upper arm, and calfs should all be the same measurement. Shoulders should be as wide as possible and waist as small as possible. He even lists a scale for ideal height/ratios, something like 6’ 200lbs as a base model then add/subtract 10lbs per inch of height (e.g. 5’9" 170lbs). Similar to a Men’s Health cover model, just a tad bigger.

Try the following link –

Brider, Checked the link. For my BMI my stats are all within 1/2" (plus side except for waist). Now I have objective evidence to substantiate what my girlfriend has been telling me all along: “I’m perfect” [kidding]. Was weird though. Thanks.

Checked out the link and thought the hip meas. was pretty big esp compared to the thighs which seemed pretty small.

Hyphnz, Ah now you fucked it up for me. Jeez.

Maybe its just that my legs are quite a bit bigger than the ones on the link and my upper body smaller (except for the tire I carry round my waist, does that count as weighted gpp?) this may however really mean that I am a disproprtionate throwback.