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Ideal Postworkout Meal

Let’s here what everybody eats for their post workout meal. Maybe we can give each other new ideas-- take into consideration cost, taste, and CONVIENCE.

For a while, my post-workout shake consisted of about 40g of whey protein and 40g of carbs as dextrose, along with 5g-10g of creatine.

I am now experimenting with Charles Poliquin’s post workout formula of 40g protein and 1-2 grams/kg of bodyweight for carbs (as maltodextrin).

*MY PREWORKOUT MEAL:Two scoups of Proscore whey(chocolate) by Champion Nutrition,one cup of Friendships no salt,low fat cottage cheese,two packets of Equal,water 8oz,one tablespoon of Natural Pennut butter,mix into a blender for two minutes,pour into a glass,or jug—and chug it down!Try to keep carbs low two hours before you workout to minimize serotonine secretion.I learned this from Poliquin to help keep mental focus,It really does work.After this I wait a hour and a half…I take one tablespoon of Ribose-C,a scoop and a half of Powerdrive,mix into 8oz of water,taking one capl of MD6,and one Vivarin tablet,I wait for this to hit me,and then start my workout.
*DURING MY WORKOUT:I sip water laced with Glutacene(Liquid BCAA).Before you try Glutacene,goto t-mag forum and read"Glutacene–Beware"for more info.
*MY POSTWORKOUT MEAL:Six scoups of Proscore(chocolate) by Champion Nutrition,three scoups of Prolabs Carbpro(dirt cheap maltodextrin),a side order of grape juice 8oz,500mg vitamin C,and some herbal antioxidants.If cost is a issue(like always),take away Ribose-C,Glutacene,and Powerdrive.Hope you all like this.Later T-magers!

For me it’s enough Grow or a mixture of Grow and
protein powder to give about 40 grams of protein if
dieting, or about 65 grams of protein if bulking,
plus 2 or 3 slices of bread.

For years, my favorite post workout meal(s) went as follows: Right after workout, bowl of cornflakes and glass of grape juice. I later added creatine to this combo. About 45 min. after workout (the time I arrived home), a protein shake or mrp. An hour later, another glass of grape juice. Obviously, I wasn’t on a low carb diet when using this plan.

I usually get an MRP with about 40 grams of Protein, then usually mix it with 2% milk. I also either drink some grape juice with it (just a glass) or throw a bannana into the blender with the other stuff. Believe it or not chocolate Myoplex (or Grow;) taste ok with a bannana thrown into the mix. I aslo eat a real meal about an hour after the shake. I usually get lot’s of protein in it, and carbs depending on my energy output and/or whether I want to grow or trim up a little. Of course you can always do like Arnold:
A WHOLE chicken and a PITCHER of beer!

A typical serving of grow (3 scoops) + a tiny bit more of whey protein (eas precision or other) + a jar of baby food. I love the plums and pears flavors.