Ideal Nutrition Stats?

Hi, i have been training for 6months now and am really beginning to enjoy the gym and all the extra knowledge this site is making available, however as i have always been made fun of for my size (or rather lack of it) i want to get more serious.

So im making a food log online at / which is really helpful. My problem is i don’t know how many grams of protein/carbs/fat i should be aiming for per day?

I am 19, 6ft and only weigh 155 pounds and have 16% body fat.

I am not wanting to go all out and get huge in a hurry, i just want to put on lean muscle as fast as possible.

I’ve read up on all the right foods and right times to eat, and am using protein shakes and such, i just don’t know the right kind of stats to be aiming for prot/carb/fat wise?

Sorry if i should of posted this on beginners, wasnt sure.
Any help would be appreciated.

Damn your skinny fat. Drink some whole milk and eat burgers with the cheese. Then go lift. Rest and do it again.

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How do you know you’re 16% BF?

I would aim for 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. I would also aim for at least half your body weight in fat, then fill the rest of your calories with carbs.

If you notice you’re gaining fat, lower ur carbs and increase ur fat intake. If you’re still gaining fat, lower carbs.

If you’re not gaining size/strength increase you’re carbs (with 4x ur bodyweight being an upper limit). If you’re carb phobic or carb sensitive, increase your fats.