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hey all of T-Nation i am new to this so heres my first post. im needin to find out a good diet plan to help gain mass maybe if some one could give me like an example of a week of what they eat or something like that ive kinda hit a wall in my weight im stickin between 223 and 228 i would like to weigh around 245 but have started to think it is impossible with out takin the conseco way out if anyone could help i would appreciate it and plus if any good suggestions for suppliments. ive started using blast cycle and in a weeks time already cantell a huge difference


Do you eat food?

How much?

What kind?

How often?

Food works wonders if you eat enough of it on a frequent basis.

Give us more info.


i eat only about 3 meals aday and things in between my meals consist of a country breakfest basically all the works gravy oatmeal eggs bacon biscuts after workout usually two or three chicken sandwhichs and then again a country dinner of all just good mama made things like steak potatoes stuff around that area and then after that i usually eat 3 cans of tuna and four eggs and after that i wait a couple hours then go to bed and wake up and drink my blast cycle then wait a couple minutes then do the whole thing over again



I was going to try to give some feedback, but I couldn't make it through your never-ending sentence.


And grammar.

1- Even though you're trying to gain weight, I wouldn't eat like a country hillbilly.

2- Do a search for the food articles written by John Berardi and Lonnie Lowrey.


failed english twice in college. i will try my best. thanks for the tips, hope i can find those articles.