Ideal Locations for SC Injections for TRT

I’ve been injecting SC for awhile now and wanted to clear some things up. First, I showed my Dr yesterday where I was injecting Vastus Lateralis (side of my thigh) and he said that I’m actually injecting IM with an SC needle. This confused me. And secondly do you have to pinch the skin (basically grab some fat) for a successful SC injection?
And lastly, what other areas are recommended for successful SC injections and TRT?

I have seen some videos by a Dr doing the sc injections in his abdomen. I will see if I can locate the video.

If that doesnt work search you tube for Dr John Crisler. Is the video about SC.

here is the link

The video below shows an example of sub q injections. It’s painless. You waste less T in a slin pin than you do in larger gauge needles. I always got steamed after an injection when I would pull plunger back and see all the wasted testosterone that was still in needle and syringe.

The doc mentions he gets a little bruise every eight to ten injections. I’ve never gotten that.
I did feel a nodule for two or three days after one injection but nothing to complain about and it was certainly not sore to distraction.

Pay no attention to his comment on a “fine little jet of oil that traumatizes the injection site and used oil filter into a plastic bag” line. I have never heard that before and not experienced it.

If you do the subcutaneous injections you can rotate around your navel. Rotating injections is a subject you need to familiarize yourself with or you will develop corky hard areas from scar tissue (even with the insulin syringes.) The sub q injections as stated before will give slower absorption and less of a T spike and should be less aromatase.

I had a friend with type I diabetes since third grade and he developed scar tissue from that many years of injecting just on either side of navel into belly fat. Rotation even with some intramuscular injections added monthly would prevent scar tissue buildup.

I personally use a small 28G & 27G insulin syringe with a half inch needle. I do pinch the fat around my navel when I inject the needle, then I release before I push the plunger in.

Remember rotation of sites are important even with sub q injection.

Maybe the youtube link will work here:

Yes, as I have described many times. Pinch up some skin and needle goes in from the end of the pinch and the needle is parallel to the muscle layers below. You can the release the pinch as you inject. If Injecting hand is shaky, the other can hold on to the end of the syringe and anchor that to your leg. When you pull out the needle, press on injection point with your free hand and press for 10-15 seconds to allow blood vessels to seal; which prevents bleed-bruises.