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Ideal Layer Split


Just thought I'd throw this question out there and see what happens. To those who have been doing the layer system setup, what have you found to be the ideal training split?

For me, I've stayed fairly close to the original setup, including two bench days and two SGHP days along with one squat or deadlift day.

I'd personally like to incorporate a push press day in there, but my "bro" mind has a hard time getting away from two bench days. Maybe it's what I need. I don't know. I really feel like adding a third "press" day into the split would be overload on the shoulders. Not quite sure. All I know is I love this type of training, and greatly prefer the six days/week for 45min. as compared to other more infrequent but longer sessions.


i was doing the 10 cycle. (I did a Push, Pull, Legs version. I found for me that pulls after legs were a problem, so, i reversed them.)
slt incline, SGHP, Squats,
Slt Incline, Power Cleans, TBDL
Push Press, Clean/SGHP, Front Squat.
On the 10 day cycle you have 3 mini cycles, so maybe you can put the push press in one of them.
Just a thought.
All the best


I’ve done them all…

Find the Wave/Density/Carry for me is my favourite version; followed by the “Death by Layer”

Push Press / Back Squat / SGHP / Front Squat / Bench / Deadlift / OFF / Repeat

Don’t worry about your chest… do carries. You’ll never look back.


what is death by layer?


“Death By” layer (I believe this is it, please correct me if I’m wrong)

  1. Ramp to a training 1RM (maximum without form breakdown or having to psych yourself up before the lift)
  2. 3 sets of clusters with 90% of your 1RM ramp (if you can’t get 3 reps, decrease the weight on the next set, if you can get 6, increase it)
  3. Lower back down to 70% and ramp up to a 2RM
  4. 2 sets of clusters with 90% of your 2RM (same recommendations as with the previous cluster)
  5. Lower back down to 70% and ramp up to a 3RM
  6. 1 set of clusters with 90% of your 3RM (same cluster rules)
  7. Lower to 70% do ONE max reps set, (NOT extended sets)


why not use push press as an activation lift for bench days like CT reccomended here? - http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_thibaudeau/more_than_one_main_lift_a_session

im in a similar situation where im running a bench specialised layer set-up at the moment but want to include some overhead work so ill likely put this in in place of medicine ball throws as my warm-up/activation