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Ideal Height?

Hello. Can anyone tell me what the ideal height for depth jumps is when wanting to improve vertical jumping? Please help. I would love a reply from Kelly B. of Jason N. Thanks.


It’s pretty variable. If never doing them before, I would start at about 1/2 the height of your max vertical jump for a couple of weeks, the 3/4 for a couple of weeks and then set the box approximately at the height of your best vertical jump.

Will pretty much any size produce good gains? How would a 10" box help?



this is one exercise you need to be very careful about overdoing.it is very hard on the tendons and connective tissue.dont try to be ahero in the first few weeks.work yourself up as jason had mentioned and make sure your leg strength is good before starting this type of exercise.also make sure you give yourself a minimum of 48 hours between ply sessions so you can properly recover.i started with 12" box’s about 9 months ago and i am now using 18"-24" platforms.make sure when you land that you are accelerating quickly off the ground.if you cant transition quickly then the box height is probably too high.best of luck