Ideal First PED Cycle for Sprinter?

Hi guys. I am a 100m sprinter looking into running my first cycle. I have a couple of questions about doing one during my competition season without having to deal with major sides.

For background; I am 25, trained consistently for over 8 years now. 8% BF, 10.3 high 100m, 310lb power clean, 335lb front squat. Mainly looking for anything that can aid with recovery, sprint performance, and speed endurance. My strength numbers are already solid and not plateauing. I haven’t used test or AAS in the past, but have messed around with Myo-ITPP and SR-9011 (questionable bioavailability on the latter).

My biggest competitions are in mid to late May. I may potentially be tested (very small chance, but still possible) so ideally I could cycle off before then. However, I am worried that I may have suppression and do not want to have my PCT during my late season. If I need too, I will run the cycle through the season and hope I dont get tested. I was thinking of running test prop and then very low dose anavar, with some halo only on competition days (once every two weeks). Have seen tons of different recs for the dosage and run time, what do you guys think?

Alternatively, there is the 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off cycle that was run by Ben Johnson and others in the 80s. Might not sound effective to bodybuilders, but it has some history. Is this worth trying over an 8-12 week cycle?

Why cheat? Honest question. If it’s drug tested that generally means don’t do drugs…


So how long do you have between possible drug tests? Even the short ester drugs leave metabolites that stick around for a while, or you just miss-time it completely. Will they test randomly beforehand? If you win but get tested and fail, what happens? Is that worth it?

I will only potentially have a drug test after a specific competition in early June. Almost certainly not being tested before then. Odds are so low that I am willing to take this risk.

Not saying it makes it right, but do you feel almost all of your competition is using?

Reality check: if you get tested you’ll get caught. Period. Run a short cycle now or do it during the competition, won’t make a difference. The testing tolerances are so unbelievably sensitive that they’ll nail you irrespective of when you used. If it’s within the detection window it won’t matter when you cycled.

I would say not to cheat, but nobody who’s considering cheating ever listens to me anyway.

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What’s their budget? Like is this a world-level event, or regional?

It means everyone that wins is the best at doing drugs and not getting caught.

From a cycling background I cab tell you categorically no race is ever won by someone who is clean.

It would be like body building natural and then entering a competition. If you’ve got superb genetics you might* do OK. But you would never win.

*less than 5% of the population would.

Drugs are in sports and the testing is there because so many people are using. The folk who win are never clean imho.

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I think so too. PCT drugs alone stick around for at least a month.