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Ideal Fat Loss Ratio


hey guys,
im currently cutting, and was wondering what would be the ideal fat/muscle loss ratio? now i know the obvious answer is u dont want to lose muscle, but a little is inevitable. so what do u guys think?


How low of BF are you wanting to go and where are you starting. If starting fairly fat and not going to UBER thinness like stage ready low single digits if you do it right id say little to none.


well i started 7 days ago, here are my stats from 7 days ago:
weight: 245
bf%: 20
FM: 49
LBM: 196

weight: 237
bf%: 18
FM: 42.7
LBM: 194.3

so my ration is about 3-1. my goal is to get down to around 7-8.


The ideal ratio would be a little as possible. This is easy when you're like 20% and come down to 10-12 or so. But when getting super riped it's VERY hard to do it and not lose a few lbs of LBM in the process - even with drugs.

It depends on what we're talking about.




and you measured your BF% to the 10th of a percent how?


In 7 days it is doubtful that you lost 6 pounds of body fat. In the first few days of dropping carbohydrate intake, the loss is mostly water. This can skew any readings you take, not to mention the potential for error in taking readings or the fact that you did it yourself. It is in this area that body fat readings lose effectiveness.


thats true. so when would be the best time to record my body fat measurement? 2 weeks? 4?


o, and i have someone do the measurement for me, so im not doin it by myself


I don't think most people should be as concerned about their BF reading as they should be their strength levels and the way they actually look.


well i do use the mirror as the number one indicator of how low my body fat is. i just like to know my body


I check it every two weeks. It seems like the right amount of time because I can't do too much damage or waste too much time in two weeks and it keeps my from going insane and checking the scale everyday.


If the person taking the measurements isn't a professional you can't be certain the changes are accurate.

On another note. What is your primary goal at the moment? If you primarily want to drop body fat, so what if you lose a little lean tissue? It's not going to kill you.


well iv marked the areas where i have them measure so its in the same area, id say pretty accurately. im trying to cut right now, and i know a little lbm loss isnt a biggie, but i was just asking what you guys thought a good ratio would be


Dude, the goal is NO loss in muscle mass. That would be a "good ratio". This has been explained to you. Your readings might be off if you dropped a ton of water weight. That means your READINGS AREN'T AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR STRENGTH LEVELS AND THE WAY YOU LOOK.