Ideal BF% for Beginning I, BODYBUILDER

I, BODYBUILDER sounds really intriguing, and I am always up to try new things. So upon its release I definitely want to get cranking. Right now I have spent the last couple months way off on my nutrition, and while not off on my training, I have just sort of been throwing around weight, not focused on a goal or progression as I should be.

That’s besides the point, the point is I find myself at a man boob sporting 18-20% body fat. I have found the best success with my clients and myself training to gain size at at least 12ish percent body fat. In fact the lower the better. All stemmed from reading I had done somewhere on Insulin Sensitivity and how our body will handle excess kcal, and for us former fat boys excess sugars. I think a footnote on starting BF% should accompany all “mass” programs or whatever you want to call them, becuase while I would love to gain 20lb of new muscle, I know that if I start a program yeilding that result now as apposed to in a couple of months at a lower BF I will see far better gains (or at least that what I have seen thus far).

So My question then is this…What body fat percentage would you think a person on the endomorphic side of the scale should ideally begin a program like this at, and what else can you offer up for insight on this topic? THANKS!

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Slow down and stop complicating the whole thing before you’ve seen it!

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The program is going to dramatically increase muscle, period. Stop whining about body fat like a little Nancy.

Enough self repect to ask a question, inform themselves and not waist their time posting just for the sake of bashing someone. It’s not complicating anything, it’s a pretty simple observation, accompanied by a question to there in gain some insight from a quality source on the matter. Seriously though it’s like so gay dude to ask questions I mean fuck bra let’s just get our swell on, right?..right? “My Bad.”

Stop Whining. The program isn’t out yet. So maybe instead of sitting there watching free 10 second porn clips and trying to get off before the picture stops moving. The answer to this question might reveal to you the perfect way to spend your time in the interim.

CT has mentioned in an “ideal world” those training to look good should stay under 10%, but admits he is somewhat flexible on this rule…

He might say 10-12% is fine, but under 10% is where I think you start getting maximum insulin sensitivity, and insulin is sort of the backbone of this program and para-workout protocol, other than the training sessions themselves.

Umm loose some bodyfat. If you’re asking this question, then it means that you are worried about your bodyfat, which usually means you have some to loose. Drop down to 15% and then just focus on whatever you want. If you want to gain muscle, go for it, but you’ll probably gain a little fat along the way. If you wanna loose fat, go for it, but you’ll probably loose a little muscle along the way. Just don’t try to do both at once.

OP, why not just take heed of your screename?

[quote]engerland66 wrote:
OP, why not just take heed of your screename?[/quote]

Thumbs up! =P

Please loose the fat.
Fat Personal Trainers are just horrible.

[quote]Holzkopf wrote:
Please loose the fat.
Fat Personal Trainers are just horrible. [/quote]

Spell lose correctly.

[quote]Holzkopf wrote:
Please loose the fat.
Fat Personal Trainers are just horrible. [/quote]

Agreed 100% … unless they have the muscle mass of a civilized gorilla.

To me there is no justification for a trainer to be out of shape/don’t look like an advanced trainee.

If a trainer is above 12% he better be huge and strong as hell or have a large background of training high level clients. For example a friend of mine is way above 12% WAY above. But he has coached several national champions in bodybuilding and figure as well as pro hockey players. This helps him run a successful training business.


Not lean, not huge, no super clients = a big zero as a trainer