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Ideal Arimidex Dosage on TRT?

I’m on TRT @ 250 mg of Test cypionate /week what would the ideal Armidex dosage?

I only have 1 mg pills.

Thinking about taking them E3D.


Normal responders might need 2.5 mg/week. Suggest 125mg T twice a week and 1mg Arimidex at time of T injections. If you crash, you are an over-responder and need to stop for 5-6 days and resume at 1/4th the suggested dose.

Taking both at same time twice a week has T and Arimidex levels roughly rising and falling together which works well.

You can dissolve Arimidex in vodka 1mg/ml and dispense by volume to get arbitrary dosing. Seek E2=22pg/ml on lab work.

Does not work well with injecting once a week!


KSman I’ve seen you recommended .25 arimidex EOD on some posts and your recommendation here of up to 2.5 mg/week. Is your recommendation varying with the total dose of T the individual is using, i.e. if 50 mg test cyp twice weekly, then a lower dose of arimidex than if 250 mg of test cyp as here?

Thank you.


Your serum T levels dictate anastrozole needs. Normal responders need ~ 1mg anastrozole for ever 100mg T ester. Your serum T levels are proportional to your T dosing.

Anastrozole is a competitive drug and there is a linear relationship for sane dosing.

A few guys are T hypermetabolizers who need ~3x T dosing and the above rule of thumb obviously would not apply.

E2 labs are needed to refine dosing.

If on T+anastrozole you get E2=30pg/ml and target is E2=22pg/ml, you would modify dose by a factor of current/target = 30/22. This same method would apply if E2 was low and the calculation would reduce the dose.

E2=22pg/ml seems optimal for: mood, energy, fat loss and patterns, libido etc. A few guys need higher E2 to feel right, seems like they are wired differently which is probably differences in gene expression and enzyme coding variations [which we all have].

There is no way to know in advance if one is:

  • needing more E2 than other guys
  • is a T hyper metabolizer
  • anastrozole over-responder
  • vulnerable to damage from 5-alpha reductase inhibitors [hair loss drugs] or other zeno-testosterones
  • freely converts DHEA–>E2 in the adrenals
  • SERMs not protecting nipples or resolving gyno
  • low dose hCG promoting high T–>E2 in the testes
  • feeling bad with hCG

What would you define a “crash” as ?

Having been on Test Cypionate 250mg/week for 12 weeks, blood work showed E2 @ 22pg/ml.

And I had never taken armidex prior to that. However, I have noticed that my nipples are a little puffy and hard.

Any recommendations ?

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how did you manage to get prescribed such a high dose of test per week? my doc shot me down when i asked to be moved from 100 to 200… he said he would never prescribe such a high dose.
also im very curious to know how you are getting nipple issues when your e2 is at the perfect range level. maybe the AC is on too high? lol

That seems perfect.

Anastrozole dose needs to match serum T levels.
What are:
And why to I need to ask?
Please list all of your labs, not just sex hormones.

Inject twice a week and always do labs halfway between to avoid variations from lab timing. Was E2=22pg/ml at day 7? With peak T at day 2, E2 might be higher then.

I am wondering if you are a T hypermetabolizer.

Hi you sound really knowledgeable on this subject.

Was wondering if it is ok to ask you a few questions on trt and estrodial levels

@KSman So Is it better to take you arimedex the same day of your T injection or is it better to take the arimidex 24hrs after T injection???

If im taking 100mg of T but my injection protocol is 50mg of T twice per a week what should my Arimidex protocol be and when should I take the Arimidex???

Good morning,

I have learned a lot on this blog.

Hoping you can help me with this issue.

TT: 640
Free T: direct: high 24.9
Estrogen sensitive: 4.5
DHEA: 391
LH: 0.1
FSH: 0.3

I take 100mg of cypinate divides into 2 doses a week. Mon am: 50mg and Thursday pm: 50mg

I was taking arimidex .5 Monday Wednesday & Friday. As you see my estrogen crashed to low.

I tried doing .25 eod but didn’t like the way I felt. Should I just do .5 with each injection instead? That was I did reduce it by .5.

In the past I always had way to high estrogen while on TRT. I’m 49 years old 6ft weighing at 215lbs. I train daily and eat pretty damn good.
I tried HCG but estrogen got out of control and I didn’t like it much so I just stayed on test.

Man im kinda in same boat as you. Trying to find the magic dose of ai to keep e2 at a normal level…whatever i do …after a few weeks my e2 always goes too low…then ill stop to let it raise only for it to go way too high. Need to find the proper dose…maybe .5 with 1st test dose and .25 2nd test dose?

How high does your e2 get?

Right now mine is around 250 to 300pmol cuz i stopped for a while cuz it went too low i had to bring it up but i guess i stopped too long and forgot each test dose makes it go up significantly

Adex should be taken eod i think. Adex also works within a week or so, you’ll notice the change.

lol I got that like 15 secs after I read it.

…still laughing

Man, i totally forgot what comment i made so i had to read it again and it took me a while to get it as well…

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Curious about the dosing. I haven’t started anastrazole, but my doc gave me some , and not gonna start till it’s absolutely needed. Anyways, can one take the time rleased capsules (not pill form), open it up and drop the powder in a syringe or dropper and mix it with 1ml vodka. Then shake it up and use that for dosing?

I used to have another medicine that I needed to split. Id open the capsule and empty out half and put it back together as well. Just never thought of this style of spliting my dose. Very interesting and an intelligent way of going about it. I guess the vodka evenly absorbs it?

Is there anything else besides vodka that one can use?

I stopped test i had bad sides like praipism and etc i m on hcg now i do either 250 eod or 125 ed just experimenting to see what works but i m stuck with ai dosage if i dont take ai my nipples start to get puffy and i start retaining water after 6 day if i take ai aromasin after 6 days or even 7 i get joint pain and panic attacks anxiety as i think my e2 gets to low i take this is with low dose like 3.5 aprox mg what should i do nolva sux adex nt available and with proviron i get hairfall oily skin acne and as per estrogen no diff

HCG shouldn’t be taken every day. It’s method of action means that it will only actually do something EOD at most, and 125 iu is pointlessly small. If you have already stopped test, why exactly are you using HCG? And the other thing is, water retention and “puffy” nipples are transitory symptoms that will go away on their own after a while, they are not legitimate causes for AI use. Are you wanting to do PCT?

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No i m hypogonad i hve test lvls of 280 to 300 as u said 125iu dont dose much 250iu eod workd better and for how much time i wait for this transitory period and my body is quite sensitive to everything and adapt quickly also lol 50mg every 3.5 test E caused havoc for me rapid wieght loss hairfall bit of gyno spontaneous long painfull erections thick blood bp spikes