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Ideal AMRAP Range



I was wondering if there was a "sweet spot" when it comes to hitting your last set (+) with AMRAP? Do you feel a 6-8 range is superior to a 12 range for instance? I find that even with the correct percentages, I will have some big differences. I know some people will vary but their muscle fiber type, and I know the type of lift may have a role, but it just made me wonder.

I find that I get around 8 with lower body, but I get 10-12 on upper body, with a few times getting as high as 14!

Is this typical and no big deal as long as I'm getting stronger??



How long have you been using 5/3/1?


I wouldn't worry about it dude. Just push the last set as hard as you can on that day.


Your upper body and lower body rep numbers will even out once you get through a few resets . In the meantime, just train you butt off.


There is no right answer. Listen to EHG, don't worry about it. Go 5 cycles and then scale back 2 or 3. A good lifter needs to be strong in all areas, not just singles and triples. Some sets of 10-12 are a good thing.


Yes ,no big deal so long as you're getting stronger. If you're hitting rep numbers that high, you probably did good starting light, and you're probably in your early stages of the program. Those numbers WILL go down, and that's perfectly ok.

Just keep pushing yourself and giving it what you've got. If you get to the point where you can't even hit your min reps, then follow the book's advice and drop your TM, and work back up.


I wouldn't place too much emphasis on the exact number. When you start thinking too much it becomes stressful. As long as progress is being made you are doing fine. I know Jim cuts his last sets off at 10 and I have begun to do the same because it is easier to track rep records. For instance if I squatted 265 for 10 last cycle and 280 for 10 this cycle I know I've gotten stronger.


Give it time. This will work itself out.


Yeah, on my 6th week. and I definitly started light. And started the lightest on OH press for safety and form reasons, so that makes since.


There are none - set PR's. That's the key not doing as many reps as possible.


I think one of the advantages of 5/3/1 is hitting all the rep ranges (12 to 1rm) over a period of 6+ months, other programs don't really do this. If you feel a certain rep range is better then use that on assistance where you can keep it consistent week after week.