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I got this idea form another message board, I think it would be helpfull for everyone to post their current routine or post a link to a routine, i know i can use the search option but i think this would help alot of people (dumbasses like me) out.

for example pot either your routine or a link to CW’s or CT’s etc etc routines

good idea?


The Waterbury Method


I am a competitive olympic weightlifter, yet I am considering entering the world of powerlifting. I believe both methods of training can benefit each other. Also, I like the idea of being just straight-up strong. I am using a hybrid of WSB protocol suited for both OL and PL. I think I’m going to post some of my sessions so those of you out there can give me advice as needed. I’m new to WSB methods so feel free to rip my program apart.

Current numbers.
Bodyweight 240, 29 yrs. old

Snatch 110 kg
C & J 130 kg
FS 165 kg
Olympic BS 180 kg

Bench Press 355 lbs
Sumo Deadlift 472 lbs
Box Squat 455 lbs

Basic Program

Day 1 Saturday
ME-Squat/Deadlift (Box squats, Olympic BS, Deadlifts (Sumo, Snatch, or Clean), or OHS)
Snatch Pulls (vary the height each session
Lat movement
Bicep movement
Abs/Low Back work

Day 2 Sunday
ME-Bench Press
Front Squats
Clean Pulls (vary the height)
Overhead Pressing movement (press, push press, or jerk)
Tricep movement
Rotator cuff
Abs/Lower Back

Day 3 Tuesday
Snatch (full technique cycle 80-100%) singles
Box Squats (PL style 12x2 50-60% 1RM)
Abs/Low Back

Day 4 Thursday
Clean & Jerk (full technique 80-100%) singles
Speed Bench Press (12x3 50%)
Rack Pull with Shrug
Rotator Cuff
Abs/Lower Back

I usually rest on Mondays, and perform Kettlebells and DB farmers walk on wednesday and friday for GPP.

Again I will start posting actual training sessions later.



CT’s Power Circuit