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Idea: Metric/Imperial Mouseover Indicator

Don’t know if I am the only one, who sometimes are unsure whether the poster uses metric or imperial units in their log?

Often you can guess from the values, other times it seems less certain.

It would be a really useful feature, if one could hover the mouse over the profile pic/ letter symbol and and kg / lb symbol would show. Or something along those lines.

Just a stray idea, dont’ know if it is worth the effort - or even a good one.

Just pop in and ask what they’re using. More interpersonal communication then. Only takes a second, and everyone’s mostly friendly, especially in the training log section.


There’s already the option to tag a log as metric or imperial I believe.

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Sure, that is always an option. Often I have a quick look around at a bunch of logs in passing and it was more that kind of situation, where this could be useful.

There is? Great, will have a look for it, thanks :+1:

Edit: Found it - there is a metric tag one can apply. There was one guy that were using it - now I have doubled that :rofl:


Cheers, welcome to the club

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