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Idea: HFT OL & PL Together

Lately there has been, i think, two threads about training for both powerlifting and olympic lifting at the same time? I have recently been banned from my gym, but will be joining an weightlifting club in 3 months, so I have to take the 3 months as a break. Either way, I thought this idea was interesting and wanted to give it a try, but I dont think I fully understand the idea of HFT yet.

This is what I compiled as an idea of how to construct the HFT program so far.
The articles on HFT I have seen so far are directed at hypertrophy, not purely strength so I am wondering if this level of low-rep schemes will burn someone out too quickly?
Presume we have Surge recovery and fish oil and all that jazz.
They OL days are only examples because they always slightly change depending on where in the cycle you are. Basically contain a squat, something for clean asstance, something for jerk assistance, or something for snatch assistance.

AM Workout 1 �?? PL Max Upper
Bench Variant (lock, 4board, 2board, full) 1x3
Rows 3x5
Tri Assist 2x15

PM Workout 2 �?? OL example
Skinny Front Squat 4x4
Floor Pull 3x4
Jerk 3x4
Abs + Curls

Tues �?? OFF

AM Workout 3 �?? PL Upper repitition
Closegrip Bench 4x15
Row 4x15

PM Workout 4 �?? OL example
Skinny Back Squat 3x5
Clean 2x4
Snatch 2x5
Back Extension + Abs

Thurs �?? OFF

PM Workout 5 �?? OL example
Skinny Front Squat 4x4
Floor Pull 3x4
Jerk 2x4
Abs + Curls

PM Workout 6 �?? PL Lower Max
Box Back Squat (wide stance)3x5
Ham Curls/Mornings 2x15
Bench 3x6 (for good measure of HF)

Sun �?? OFF

Personally I am a breakdancer, so I would be chaning Sat to something like this.

PM Workout 6 �?? PL Lower and Gymnastics
Gymnastics 2 hours
Planche (Front raise), Back and Front Lever
Leg Raise isometric
Box Back Squat (wide stance)3x5
Bench 2x6

BUT I was wondering if because of the max/dynamic effort of OL workouts would you be better off doing a higher rep range with the wide stance box squats, or (who cares if it gets complicated, it will all be written down) periodize the PL sessions so that a larger rep range is being covered over 3-4 weeks?

Weighing in at 70kg I want to make it into the 85kg weight-class. So I will be trying to eat for an 85kg person. I will organise the details if/when I switch over.

7AM 125c 60p = 740cal

9AM 125c 60p = 740cal

11AM 65f 60p = 825cal

1PM 65f 60p = 825cal

6PM 125c 60p = 740cal

9PM 65f 60p = 825cal

= 4695 cal

It is just an idea forming at this moment, but I want to materialise something to work with after some discussion.
Thanks for the feedback,

Don’t forget to include superslow, static contractions, HIIT, concentric only, eccentric only, and some GVT.

that’s just silly.

Then how do people train for both? There are Eastern Europeans which compete in both, and I want to be like them.

I thought that Olympic lifting was more technical, so you would be best not screwing with the format as much, and HFT allows you to do a body part 5-8 times a week, so I thought if you cut the volume per session down you would be able to do legs more than 3 times a week.

I think I got it wrong anyways. You are meant to do whole body every session in pairs of excercises.

So I would be best doing 15repvolume and splitting it into a Bench-row, WideSquat-triceps in the AM

Then PM do Olympic training consisting mainly a few skinny stance squats and Deadlift-Jerk based stuff, that way I would be covering 6 full body sessions a week.

[quote]threewhitelights wrote:
that’s just silly.[/quote]

I agree, wasn’t there just an article about trying to acomplish too much at once?

I wish you the best, but I think you’ll be spread thin.

arent you the guy that said his thighs are getting too big for breakdancing?

Yeah, well I got stronger, I guess the solution IS to just get big legs, and get an even stronger upper body. As long as I can planche, I decided, I will try get my legs as big as they will make me strong.

It’s stupid because you can’t do ME work with HFT. When doing any kind of HFT you have to avoid failure like the plague and keep overall volume and intensity in check.

And I’d really like to know who told you there are guys in europe competing in both at the same time. The only ones that are successful are FOCUSING on one or the other in mesocycles.

If you really want to train olympic lifting and powerlifts at the same time, then it can be done, but not by combining 2 templates for each. You need to cut back on the volume/intensity of each of them before you go throwing them together.

use cleans and snatches as DE lower body exercises
maxing out on sqauts deadlifts and there variations will improve your olympic lifts as well
you can do repitition work after ME and DE work
during upper body workouts you can focus on improving upright rowing, overhead pressing and benching

so dont divide work outs by OL and PL
also you should improvise untill you gt your gym membership