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Idea for Thicker Protein Shakes


...get your mind out of the gutter :wink:.

I've always been a big fan of cottage cheese for protein and for a year or so now, i've been buying a "no salt added" cottage cheese from safeway. it has 1/10th the sodium of regular cottage cheese (a good thing). it takes a while getting used to the taste of it alone, but mixed with fruit or salsa....

Anyway, last night i decided to make the last shake of my day with the cottage cheese. i first put a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese into the blender with approximately 1 cup of water. blend for a bit, then add your whey powder / MRP. for me, it was a scoop of whey powder, some ground flax seed and some extra fiber.

I've never had a more satisfying shake. You should give it a try. just don't forget to compensate for the extra protein that the cottage cheese will give you over milk / water.



Anybody know how to nominate somebody for a Nobel Prize in chemistry?? I think this guy's current research may be worthy of a nomination....


Somebody always has to throw a barb in.

Mark, cottage cheese with your protein shakes are delicious and a good choice before bedtime due to the casein. Low fat yogurts are another good choice for added thickness. I really like the Strawberry Low-Carb Grow! With cottage cheese.


The Banana flavored Grow! is bomb as hell too!!