Idea for new forum

A situation came up that got me thinking. I saw Patricia and Sully discussing NASS competitions and so I went to their (NASS’s) website. I found out that there is a strongman competition in Myrtle Beach this weekend, and I just happen to be going down there to visit some friends. (The competition is fairly well-timed in that I believe it is Harley week down there, so a lot of testosterone-filled people - men and women - should be roaming around.)

I wanted to post a thread here to see if anybody else was going, as it would be more fun to attend and meet some of you for “real” as well. The problem was that I felt that posting for a local competition wouldn’t be worth knocking a topic off the “top 5” on the T-forums page. While figuring out who is going to the Arnold Classic might be a “deserving” thread, as many would go to such a large event, having people post local competitions for every weekend would just get in the way.

Does anybody think it would be beneficial to have an Events forum, where we could post stuff like this? I see where it would be bad for it to become a promotional playgroud, but there would be some ways to counteract that.

For one, it would essentially be a T-Mag promotional tool. Let’s face it, the more people we get talking and meeting because of T-Mag (an example would be T-cells), the better things get for T-mag and its readers (us!). So it would definitely be in the interest of the T staff to have us meeting like this.

Also, this is a T-cell alternative for those of us who live in Godforsaken parts of the country (like me). While I doubt there are many readers here from the Columbia, SC area (there are SOME sandlappers here - I didn’t forget you!), I bet there are more that would be into visiting the Myrtle Beach area. This would also allow us loners to know which large events to go to to find others like us.

As far as discouraging pure promotion of events (which isn’t in all cases bad), I’m not quite sure what could be done. We could possibly limit this area to Dog Pounders (I’ll suggest this even though I’m not in the Pound). That way, if a Pounder (love that term) posts about an event, I could PM them to arrange a meeting (sounds like a dating service). Also, if I feel there is something that should be posted, I could PM one I was familiar with to do it for me, and it would be left up to their discretion.

Maybe it’s a stupid idea. I don’t know. Any suggestions/opinions/insults?