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Idea for Getting a Script for Test

Do you guys think this will work to get a script for test? I wait until the end of a 12 week cycle, 2 and 1/2 weeks later I see my doctor and talk to him about low test levels. Theoretically wouldn’t my blood tests come back confirming low test levels? Might be kind of hard at my age 25, but I’m thinking I can read off the symptoms for low test production.

Even if it works, he will likely offer you androgel which is more of a pain than what its worth. Even if he prescribes you test cyp for instance, chances are he’ll prescribe 100mg/w. Hardly the level a bodybuilder would use. Worst yet, the doc would probably want to do the injection for you once a week or so, which is not frequent enough.

It would totally depend on the doctor. I agree with Dynamo, as most doctors would follow this procedure for patients under 30. Its worth a shot if you have heard good things from a person who has low test levels and have been prescribed HRT. I’ve been looking into this as well, even though I’m a little younger than you, OP.



even if the doc gives you a script, it will be at a low dose to help your body even out, NOT TO BUILD. although I have heard of some gynos that got their licensed revoked for prescribing test and GH to males at high levels, but as i said they got revoked.


Hehe I thought about doing this too once. Like others have said it depends on how much test the doc will prescribe, and most likely it wont be anywhere near enough

Plus here in Australia (and thus I assume US) to be diagnosed with low test levels you need to do 2 separate blood tests some time apart, and I think 3-4 weeks+ at super-low test is going to demolish your gains

Not if the super-low testosterone is achieved by being on a non-testosterone cycle at the time.

Hay Guys, has there been any discussion threads on Androgel on the this forum. I’m into my second month and happy with the initial results. I’m assuming there is plenty of information out there, just need to find it.

Yep, even if you get injections it will most like be 100 to 150 mg/week, and he’ll want to monitor your test levels for a long time afterward, which will make running cycles very difficult. Also, the group of labs he initially runs on you when you complain about low test will be probably be very suspicious for recent AAS use.