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Idea for a Split


Flat Bench
Military Press
Seated Rows
Pull ups
Preacher Bench

Back Squats
Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
Leg Extensions

Incline Bench
Dip variants
Barbell BO Rows
Chin Ups
Lateral Raises

Front Squats
Dead lifts
Leg Curls
Calf Raises

Essentially the idea here is not regulating any one movement/muscle group to a single day in the week. Also i plan to warm-up with a few sets (around 3-4) before trying one final set getting as much as i can working in the rep range of 6-10. Increasing the weight when i reach 10 reps on a lift. This is just the beginning of my idea and i am open to some constructive input. The order listed here is the order lifts would be performed in.


There are no rows in there.


Why do you have a 2:1 ratio of press:pull? If anything this should be reversed.


Ok, thank you for that input. I am more concerned though as to whether or not this is enough in terms of work being done, or if any of the splits are counter-productive, i.e. working against each other. Additional feedback would be appreciated, perhaps in greater detail than the above.


Its really hard to say with what youve listed. It looks basically like HIT with an upper lower split. It could work well for some, but might be crap for you. If you are able to do it and progress in your lifts on a consistant basis then its good. If you dont then its not. You are probably better off taking a pre-made plan, but this definately could work.

***And as mentioned above, get some rows and more pulling in there, unless you are like me and you can pull a lot more than you can push.


All it is is westside for skinny bastards with extra leg work (or just a really wimple WSBB variation)

Try it, see how it works.


If i were to adjust this for more pull to press ratio, how would you add in "rows" and where do you recommend they be placed. Again im just working out some ideas here, based on available equipment i have here at home. What additional information would you like me to provide?

Edit: nothing is concrete just yet.


The idea here was to split the exercises into two parts, chest/arms, and back/legs. And then hit them both twice a week. Is there a particular reason that there should be a ratio of pull to press of 2:1?




Personally I don't think of it in terms of pulling being 2:1 relative to combined chest and shoulders (push) but rather 2:1 relative to chest.

The figure is only rough. The general reason to rationalize it is that the back has many muscles and many angles of pull whereas the pecs are much simpler in function. The main reason for doing it is practical observation that for balanced development, it is the way to go.


Agreed, but if you are doing flat bench and shoulder press, then why not at least balance this with equal amounts of horizontal rows and pullups?


Yes, at least equal when counting the shoulders as well. But you had no rows at all.


So where would be a good place to add/remove chest type movements and add rows. i.e. if you were to take this "template" as listed above, how would you alter it then? What kinds of rows would you add?

Edited the split above to include seated rows and barbell bo rows.


Your above modification looks good.


ok then, thanks everyone for the input.


Sorry, good luck...


If you didn't happen to notice, this is the Bodybuilding forum and just about everyone successful at bodybuilding disagrees with your conclusions on those exercises and does not put them in practice. Try naming me one, just one, successful bb'er who considers leg curls and calf raises "worthless."


Because squats don't work those muscles. Go to the beginner's forum and read awhile before you embarrass yourself.


What in the fuck?


In your profile, you look like a tall skinny dude with absolutely no significant musculature or conditioning.

Why are you giving any bodybuilding advice? You might do well by letting go of Poliquin's nutsack and getting to a gym for a couple hours a day and lifting some heavy stuff.