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Idea for a cycle

Ok, here’s my idea for a mild cycle that I suppose wouldn’t supress natural T levels too much and could be used for 4-6 weeks. Morning doses: 7-14 sprays of androsol along with 10-20 mg d-bol (taken orally) on rising. 4 hours later another 10-20 mg d-bol. Afternoon dosing: take 10-15 mg anavar for 4 seperate doses (spaced out every 4 hours) also for the last couple weeks you could swith from morning doses of d-bol to winny depot @ around 50 mg. Send me your imput! LM

Ohh and just to let yall know, I’m not a pussy that’s scared of needles, I’ve spent too much time the past couple months on steroids and don’t want to screw my boys down below up.